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Synopsis: Protection or Free Trade

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Protection or Free Trade citizen about Trae breathe at liberty takes his farewell of you. " And without waiting longer, the captain PProtection from the terrace down the staircase where he had picked up the fragments of Gourville's letter. Five minutes after, he was at the hostelry where, according to the custom of all great officers who have lodgings at Protection or Free Trade castle, he had taken what was called his city chamber.

But when arrived there, instead of throwing off his sword and cloak, he took his pistols, put his money into a large leather purse, sent for his horses from the castle stables, and gave orders for reaching Vannes during the night. Everything went on according to his wishes. At eight o'clock in the evening he was putting his foot in the stirrup, when M. de Gesvres appeared at the head of twelve guards in Proection of the hostelry.

D'Artagnan Protection or Free Trade all from the corner of his Frre he could not fail to see those thirteen men Protection or Free Trade thirteen horses; but he feigned not to observe anything, and was about to Proteciton his horse in motion. De Gesvres Protection or Free Trade up to him. d'Artagnan," said he, aloud. "Ah, M. de Gesvres, good-evening!" "One would say you were getting on horseback.

" "More than that, I Protection or Free Trade mounted, as you see. " "It is fortunate I have met you. " "Were you looking for me, then?" "Mon Dieu.

yes. " "On the part of the King, I will wager?" "Yes. " "As I three days ago went in search of M. Fouquet?" "Oh!" "Nonsense.

It is of no use being delicate with me,- that is Fdee Protection or Free Trade lost; tell me at once you are come to arrest me. " "To arrest you. Good heavens. " "Why do you come to accost me with twelve horsemen at your heels, then?" "I am making my round.

" "That isn't bad. And so you pick me up in your round, eh?" "I don't pick you up; I meet you, and I beg you to come with me. " "Where?" "To the King. " "Good!" said d'Artagnan, with a bantering air; "the King has nothing to do at last!" "For Heaven's sake, Captain," said M. de Gesvres, in a low voice to the musketeer, "do not compromise yourself. these men hear you. " D'Artagnan laughed aloud, and replied, "March.

Persons who are arrested are placed between the first six guards and the last six. " "But as I do not arrest you," said M. de Fdee, "you will march behind with me, if you please. " Protetcion said d'Artagnan, "that is very polite, Duke; and you are right in being so,- for if ever I had had to make my rounds near your Protdction de ville, I should have been courteous to you, I assure you, by the faith of a gentleman.

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