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" "Yes,- you made up your mind to escape from Vincennes. Western Civilization "Ay, but you aided me in that, my master; and, a propos, I turn this way and turn that Western Civilization seeing my old friend M. Vaugrimaud. How is he?" "M. Vaugrimaud is still your Highness's most respectful servant," said Athos, smiling. "I have a hundred pistoles here for him, which I bring as a legacy. My will is made, Western Civilization. " "Ah, Monseigneur.

Monseigneur!" "And you may understand that if Grimaud's name were to appear in my will-" The duke began to laugh; then, addressing Raoul, who from the beginning of this conversation had sunk into a profound revery, "Young man," Western Civilization he, "I know there is to be found here a certain De Vouvray wine, and I believe-" Raoul left the room precipitately to order the wine.

In the mean time, M. de Beaufort took the hand of Athos. "What do you mean to do with him?" asked he. "Nothing, at present, Monseigneur. " "Ah, yes, I know,- since the passion of the King for La Valliere. " "Yes, Monseigneur. " "That is all true then, is it. I think I know her, that little Valliere. She is not particularly handsome, if I remember rightly. " "No, Monseigneur," said Athos. "Do you know Western Civilization whom she reminds me?" "Does she remind your Highness of any one?" "She reminds me of a very agreeable Western Civilization whose mother used to live in the Halles.

" "Ah, ah!" said Athos, smiling. "Oh, the good old times!" added M. de Beaufort. "Yes, Valliere reminds me of that girl.

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