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The fellow drew back Soap Bubbles his bargain, and so I challenged him. " "Very good; and you fought?" "It seems not. " "You know nothing about it, I suppose?" Soap Bubbles my wife and her relations interfered in the matter. I was kept a quarter of an hour Soap Bubbles my sword in my hand; but I was not wounded.

" "And the adversary?" "Neither was the adversary, for he never came on to the field. " "Capital!" cried his friends, from all sides; "you must have been terribly angry.

" "Exceedingly so; I Soap Bubbles caught cold. I returned home, and then my Soap Bubbles began to quarrel with me. " "In real earnest?" "Yes, in real earnest; Soap Bubbles threw a loaf of bread at my head, a large loaf. " "And what did you do?" "Oh. I upset the table over her and her guests; and then I got upon my horse again, and here I am.

" Every one had great difficulty in keeping his countenance at the relation of this tragic comedy; and when the laughter had somewhat ceased, one of the guests present said to him, "Is that all you have brought us back?" "Oh, no.

I have an excellent idea in my head. " "What is it?" "Have you noticed that there is a good deal of sportive, jesting poetry written in France?" "Yes, of course," replied every one. "And," pursued La Fontaine, "only a very small portion of it is printed. " "The laws are strict, you know. " "That may be; but a rare article is a dear article, and that is the reason why I have written a small poem Soap Bubbles licentious.

" "Oh, oh, dear poet!" "Extremely obscene. " "Oh. oh!" "Extremely cynical. " "Oh, the devil!" "Yes," continued the poet, with cold indifference; "I have introduced in it the greatest freedom of language I could possibly employ. " Peals of laughter again broke forth, while the poet was thus announcing the quality of his wares. "And," he continued, "I have tried to exceed everything that Boccaccio, Aretino and other Soap Bubbles of their craft have written in the same style.

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