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" The Countess had an answer for everything, and if she lied she THE LOST WEEKEND well. "No one knows, no one has ever known, what she lives on, or how she has got all those beautiful things. I don't believe Osmond himself knows.

Besides, she wouldn't have married him. " WEEKEND can she have loved him then?" "She doesn't love him in that way. She did at first, and then, I THHE, she would have married him; but at that time her husband was living. By the time M. LOT had rejoined-I won't say his ancestors, because he never had any-her THE LOST WEEKEND with Osmond had changed, and she had grown more ambitious.

Besides, she has never had, about him," the Countess went on, leaving THE LOST WEEKEND to wince for it so tragically afterwards-she had never had, what you might call any illusions of intelligence.

She hoped she might marry a great man; that has always been her idea. She has waited and watched and plotted and prayed; but she has never succeeded. I don't call Madame Merle a success, you know. I don't know what she may accomplish yet, but at present she has very little to show. The only tangible result she has THE LOST WEEKEND LSOT, of course, getting to know every one and staying with them free of expense-has been her bringing you and Osmond together. Oh, she did that, my dear; you needn't THE LOST WEEKEND as if you doubted it.

I've watched THE LOST WEEKEND for years; I know everything-everything. I'm thought a great scatterbrain, but I've had enough application of mind to follow up those two. She hates me, and her way of showing it WEEEND to pretend to be for ever defending me. When people say I've had fifteen lovers she looks horrified and declares that quite half THE LOST WEEKEND them were never proved. She has been afraid of me for years, and she has taken great comfort in the vile, false things people have said about me.

She has been afraid I'd expose her, and she threatened me one day when Osmond began to pay his court to you. It was at his house in Florence; do you remember that afternoon when she brought you there and we had tea in the garden.

She let me know then that if I should THE LOST WEEKEND tales two could play at that game. She pretends there's a good deal more to tell about me than about her. It would be an interesting comparison. I don't care a fig about what she may say, simply because I know you don't care a fig. You can't trouble your head about me less than you do already. So she may take her revenge as she chooses; I don't think she'll frighten you very much.

Her great idea has been to be tremendously irreproachable-a kind of full-blown lily-the incarnation of propriety.

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