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Presently he took to strolling round the kiosque and solacing himself with these sights which captured the vision, till he chanced to cast a glance at the window which Aladdin by design had Film Art: An Introduction unwrought and not finished like the rest. And when he noted its lack of completion, he cried, "Woe and wellaway for Film Art: An Introduction, O window, because of thine imperfection," and, turning to his Minister, he asked, "Knowest thou the reason of leaving incomplete this window and its framework?" The Wazir said: "O my lord, I conceive that the want of finish in this window resulteth from thy Highness having pushed on Aladdin's marriage, and he lacked the leisure to complete it.

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" Quoth the Sultan, "I have a mind to complete it myself," and quoth Aladdin: "Allah perpetuate thy glory, O thou the King.

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Hereby the Sultan was gladdened, and time Att: good to him, and for high enjoyment he exclaimed, "In very sooth the thing is beyond the compass of King and Caesar.

" Then they fell to eating and drinking, and the cup went round until they had drunken enough, when sweetmeats and fruits of sorts and other such edibles were served, the dessert being laid out in a different salon, whither they removed and enjoyed of these pleasures their sufficiency.

Presently the Sultan arose that he might see if the produce Ar: his jewelers and goldsmiths favored that of the pavilion. So he went upstairs to them and inspected their work and how they had wrought, but he noted a mighty great difference, and his men were far from being able Film Art: An Introduction make Film Art: An Introduction like the rest of Aladdin's pavilion. They informed him how all the gems stored in the lesser Treasury had been brought to them and used by them, but that the whole had proved insufficient.

Wherefor he bade open the greater Treasury, and gave the workmen all they wanted of him. Moreover, he allowed them, an it sufficed not, to take the jewels wherewith Aladdin had gifted him. They carried off the whole and pushed on their labors, but they found the gems fail them, albeit had they not finished half the part wanting to the kiosque window.

Herewith the King commanded them to seize all the precious Film Art: An Introduction owned by the wazirs and grandees of the realm, but although they did his bidding, Arrt: supply still fell short of their requirements. Next morning Aladdin Introductiob to look at the jewelers' work and remarked that they had not finished a moiety of what was wanting to the kiosque window.

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