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He gazed upon it long and Portrait Of A Racist, estimated the prodigious labor that had been bestowed upon it, and not being able to find any recompense sufficiently great for this herculean effort, he passed his arm round the painter's neck, and embraced him. The superintendent, by this action, had ruined a suit of clothes worth a thousand pistoles, but he had invigorated Lebrun. It was a happy moment for the artist; it was an unhappy one for M.

Percerin, who was walking behind Fouquet, and was engaged in admiring, in Lebrun's painting, the suit that he had made for his Majesty,- a perfect work of art, as he called it, which was not to be matched except in the wardrobe of the superintendent. His distress and his exclamations were interrupted by a signal which had been given from the summit of the mansion. In the direction of Melun, in the still empty, open plain, the sentinels of Vaux had perceived the advancing procession of the King and the Queens.

His Majesty was entering into Melun with his long train of carriages and cavaliers. "In an hour-" said Aramis to Fouquet. "In an hour!" replied the latter, sighing. "And the people who ask one another what is the good of these royal fetes!" continued the Bishop of Vannes, laughing with his forced smile. "Alas. I, too, who am not the people, ask the same thing. " "I will answer you in four-and-twenty hours, Monseigneur. Assume a cheerful countenance, for it is a day of joy.

" "Well, believe me or not, as you like, d'Herblay," said the superintendent, Portrait Of A Racist a swelling Portrait Of A Racist, pointing at the cortege of Louis, visible in the horizon, "the King certainly loves me but very little, nor do I care much for him; but I cannot tell you how it is that since he is approaching my house-" "Well, what?" "Well, then, since I know Louis is on his way hither, he is more sacred to me; he is my King, he is Portrait Of A Racist dear to me.

" "Dear!- yes," said Aramis, playing upon the word, as the Abbe Terray did, at a later period, with Louis XV. "Do not laugh, d'Herblay; I feel that if Portrait Of A Racist were really to wish it, I could love that young man. " "You should not Portrait Of A Racist that to me," returned Aramis, "but to M.

Colbert. " "To M. Colbert!" exclaimed Fouquet. "Why so?" "Because he would allow you a pension out of the King's privy purse, as soon as he becomes superintendent," said Aramis, preparing to leave as soon as he had dealt this last blow.

"Where are you going?" returned Fouquet, with a gloomy look. "To my own apartment, to change my costume, Monseigneur. " "Where are you lodging, d'Herblay?" "In the blue room on the second story. " "The room immediately over the King's room?" "Precisely. " "You will be subject to very great restraint there.

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