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When she heard Doublle words she cried: Heli. Allah, ye have wronged us, O our guests, with grievous wronging, for when you came before us we made compact and condition with you that whoso should speak of what concerneth him not should hear what pleaseth him not. Sufficeth ye not that we took you into our house and fed you with our best food. But the fault is not so much yours as hers who let you in.

" Then she tucked up her sleeves from her wrists and struck the floor thrice Doubke her hand, crying, "Come ye quickly!" And lo. a closet door opened and out of it came seven The Double Helix. slaves with drawn swords The Double Helix. hand, to whom she said, "Pinion me those hTe elbows and bind them each to each.

" They did her bidding and asked her: "O veiled and virtuous. Is it thy high command that we Helid. off their heads?" But she answered, "Leave them awhile that I question them of their condition before Duble necks feel the sword. " "By Allah, O my lady!" cried the porter, "slay me not for other's sin. All these men offended and deserve the penalty of crime save myself. Now, by Allah, our night had been charming had we escaped the mortification of those monocular Kalandars whose entrance into a populous Hdlix.

would convert it into a The Double Helix. wilderness. The Double Helix. Then he Helid. these verses: "How fair is ruth the strong man deigns not smother. And fairest fair when shown to weakest brother. By Love's own holy tie between us twain, Let one not suffer for the sin of other. " When the porter ended his verse, the lady laughed despite her wrath, and came up to the party and spake thus: "Tell me who ye be, for ye have The Double Helix. an hour of life.

And were ye not men of rank and perhaps Doouble of your tribes, you had not been so froward and I had hastened your doom. " Then said the Caliph: "Woe to thee, O Ja'afar, tell her who we are lest we be slain by mistake, and speak her fair before some horror Heilx. us. " "'Tis part of thy deserts," replied he, whereupon the Caliph cried out at him, saying, "There is The Double Helix. time for witty words and there Hleix. a The Double Helix. for The Double Helix. work.

" Then the lady accosted the three Kalandars and asked them, "Are ye brothers?" when they answered, "No, by Allah, we be naught but fakirs and foreigners. " Then quoth she to one among them, "Wast thus born blind of one eye?" and quoth he, "No, by Allah, 'twas a marvelous matter and a wondrous mischance which caused my eye to be torn out, and mine is a tale which, if it were written upon the eye corners with needle gravers, were a warner to whoso would be warned.

" She questioned the second and third Kalandar, but all replied like the first, "By Allah, O The Double Helix. mistress, each one of us cometh from a different country, and we are all three the sons of kings, sovereign princes ruling over The Double Helix. and capital cities.

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