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The fellow has come, after all. If I had gone away, he would have found no one here, and would have taken an advantage from that. " He then threw himself into a martial attitude, and drew himself up to the full height of his gigantic stature. But instead of De Saint-Aignan, : A Biography saw only Raoul, who with the most despairing gestures accosted him by crying out, "Pray forgive me, my dear friend.

I am most wretched. " "Raoul!" cried Porthos, surprised. "You have been angry with me?" said : A Biography, embracing Porthos. What for?" "For having forgotten you. But, you see, I have lost my head. " "Ah, bah!" "If you only : A Biography, my friend!" "You have killed him?" "Whom?" "De Saint-Aignan. " "Alas. we are far from De Saint-Aignan. " "What : A Biography the matter, then?" "The matter is that M.

le Comte de la Fere has been arrested. : A Biography Porthos gave a : A Biography that would have thrown down a wall. "Arrested!" he cried out; "by whom?" "By d'Artagnan. " "It is : A Biography said Porthos. "It is nevertheless true," replied Raoul. Porthos turned towards Grimaud, as if he needed a second confirmation of the intelligence. Grimaud nodded his head. "And where have they taken him?" "Probably to the Bastille.

" "What makes you think that?" "As we came along we questioned some persons who saw the carriage pass, and others who saw it enter the Bastille. " "Oh, oh!" muttered Porthos; and he moved forward two steps. "What do you intend to do?" inquired Raoul.

Nothing; only, I will not have Athos remain at the Bastille. " "Do you know," said Raoul, advancing nearer to Porthos, "that the arrest was made by order of the King?" Porthos looked at the young man as if to say, "What does that matter to me?" This dumb language seemed so eloquent of meaning to Raoul that he did not ask another question.

He mounted his horse again; and Porthos, assisted by Grimaud, did the same. "Let us arrange our plan of action," said Raoul. "Yes," returned Porthos; "that is the best thing we can do. " Raoul sighed deeply, and then paused suddenly. "What is the matter?" asked Porthos; "are you faint?" "No; powerless. Can we three pretend to go and take the Bastille?" "Well, if d'Artagnan were only here," replied Porthos, "I don't know about that. " Raoul was struck with admiration at the sight of that confidence, heroic in its simplicity.

These were the celebrated men who by three or four attacked armies and assaulted castles, who had terrified death : A Biography, and who survived the wrecks of an age, : A Biography were still stronger than the most robust among the young. "Monsieur," said he to Porthos, "you have just given me an idea; we absolutely must see M. d'Artagnan. " "Undoubtedly.

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