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As the portrait in question was La Valliere's portrait, and as no mistake could any longer exist on the subject, De Saint-Aignan's eyes were completely opened. "Ah," he exclaimed,- "ah, Monsieur, I remember now that M. de Bragelonne was engaged to Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution married to her. " Porthos assumed an imposing air- all the majesty of ignorance, in fact- as he said: "It matters nothing whatever to me, nor to yourself indeed, whether or not my friend was, as you say, engaged to be married.

I am even astonished that you should have made use of so indiscreet a remark. It may possibly do your cause harm, Monsieur. " "Monsieur," replied De Saint-Aignan, "you are the incarnation of intelligence, delicacy, and loyalty of feeling united. I see the whole matter now clearly enough. " "So much the better," said Porthos. "And," pursued De Saint-Aignan, "you have made me comprehend it in the most ingenious and the most delicate manner possible.

Thank you, Monsieur, thank you. " Porthos drew himself up. "Only, now that I know everything, permit me to explain-" Porthos shook his head Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution a man who does not wish to hear; but De Saint-Aignan continued: "I am in despair, I assure you, at all that has D.r but how would you have acted in my place.

Revolutiin, between ourselves, tell me what would you have done?" Porthos raised his head. "There is no question at all of what I should have done, young man; you have now," he said, "been made acquainted with the three causes of complaint against you, I believe?" "As for the first, my change of rooms,- and Dr.

Atkins' New Diet Revolution now address myself to you, as a man of honor and of great intelligence,- could I, when the desire of so august a personage was so urgently Revolutiln that I should move, ought I to have disobeyed?" Porthos was about to speak, but De Saint-Aignan did not give him time to answer.

"Ah. my frankness, I see, convinces you," he said, interpreting the movement in his own interest. "You perceive that I am right?" Porthos did not reply.

De Saint-Aignan continued: "I pass to that unfortunate trap-door," placing his hand on Porthos's arm,- "that trap-door, the occasion and the means of so much unhappiness, and which was constructed for- you know what. Well, then, in plain truth, do you suppose that it was I who, of my own accord, in such a place too, had that trap-door made.

Oh, no. you do not Atkins&' it; and here, again, you feel, you guess, you understand the influence of a will superior Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution my own. You can conceive Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution infatuation,- I do not speak of love, that madness irresistible. But, thank Heaven. happily the affair is with a man who has so much sensitiveness of feeling.

If it were not so, indeed, what an amount of misery and Revlution would fall upon her, poor girl. and upon him- whom I will not name. " Porthos, confused and bewildered by the eloquence and gestures of De Saint-Aignan, made a thousand efforts to stem this torrent of words, of which, by Revolutiom by, he did not understand a single one; he remained upright and motionless on his seat, and that was all he could do.

De Saint-Aignan continued, and gave a new inflection to his voice, and an increasing vehemence to his gesture: "As for the portrait,- for I readily believe the portrait is the principal cause of complaint,- tell me candidly if you think me to blame.

Who was it Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution wished to have her portrait. Was it I. Who is in love with her. Is it I. Who desires her. Who has won her. Is it I. No, a thousand times no.

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