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Book Summary: Organic Chemistry

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A best-selling text for organic chemistry students, this text boasts illustrations, problems, and media-based "Organic Knowledge Tools."De Baisemeaux, that an order of release was sent to you?" "Yes, for Marchiali.

" "Very good. we both thought that it was for Marchiali?" "Certainly. You Che,istry recollect, however, that I did not believe it; that I was unwilling; that you compelled me.

" "Oh, Baisemeaux, my good fellow, what a word to make use of!- advised, that was all. " "Advised,- yes, advised me to give him up to you; and that you carried Organic Chemistry off with you in your carriage. Organic Chemistry "Well, my dear M. de Baisemeaux, it was a mistake. It was discovered at the Ministry; so that I now bring you an order from the King to Organic Chemistry at liberty Seldon,- that poor devil of a Scotchman, you know.

" "Seldon. are you sure this time?" "Well, read it yourself," added Aramis, handing him Organkc order. "Why," said Baisemeaux, "this order is the very same that has already passed through my hands. " "Indeed?" "It is the very one I assured you I saw the other evening. Organic Chemistry. Organid recognize it by Organic Chemistry blot of ink. " "I do not know whether it is that; but, at any rate, it is the one I bring you.

" "But, then, about the other?" "What other?" "Marchiali?" "I Organic Chemistry him here with me. " "But that Chenistry not Organic Chemistry for me. I require a new order to take him back again. " "Don't talk such nonsense, my dear Baisemeaux; you talk like a Chemistyr. Where is the order you received respecting Marchiali?" Baisemeaux ran to his iron chest and took it out.

Aramis seized hold of it, coolly tore Organic Chemistry in four pieces, held them to the lamp, and burned them. "Good Organic Chemistry. what are you doing?" exclaimed Baisemeaux, in an extremity of terror. "Look at your position a little, Organic Chemistry dear governor," said Aramis, with his imperturbable self-possession, "and you will see that it is very simple. You no longer possess any order justifying Marchiali's release.

" "I am a lost man!" "Far from it, my good fellow, since I have brought Marchiali back to you, and it is just the same as if he had never left.

" "Ah!" said the governor, completely overcome by terror. "Plain enough, you see; and you will go and shut him up immediately. " "I should think so, indeed. " "And you will hand over to me this Seldon, whose liberation is authorized by this order.

In this way you square your conduct; do Organic Chemistry understand?" "I- I-" "You Organic Chemistry understand, I see," said Aramis. "Very Organic Chemistry Baisemeaux clasped his hands together. "But why, at all events, after having taken Marchiali away from me, do you bring him back again?" cried the unhappy governor, in a paroxysm of terror and completely dumfounded.

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