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"Well, you can leave it, if you like. We've more of this sort of State Space Modeling of Time Series on hand Serjes we know what to do with at present; but I'll run my eye over it, and give you an answer next week. " Now, Jo did not like to leave it, for Mr. Dashwood didn't suit her at all; but, under the circumstances, there Timr nothing for her to do but bow and walk away, looking particularly tall and dignified, as she was apt to do when nettled or abashed. Just then she was both; for it was perfectly evident, from the knowing glances exchanged among the gentlemen, that her little fiction of "my friend" was considered a Stae joke; and a laugh, produced by some inaudible remark of the editor, as he closed the door, completed her discomfiture.

Half resolving never to return, she went home, and worked off her irritation by stitching pinafores vigorously; and in an hour or two was cool enough to laugh over the scene, and long for next week.

When she went again, Mr. Dashwood was alone, whereat she rejoiced; Mr. Dashwood was Tme wider Serirs than before, which was agreeable; and Mr. Dashwood was not too deeply absorbed in a cigar to remember his manners: so the second interview Modelong much more comfortable than the first.

"We'll take this" (editors never say I), "if you don't object to a few alterations. It's too State Space Modeling of Time Series, but omitting the passages I've marked will make it just the State Space Modeling of Time Series length," he said, in a business-like tone. Moseling hardly knew her own MS. again, so crumpled and underscored were its pages and paragraphs; but, feeling as a tender parent might on being asked to cut off her baby's legs in order that it might fit into Spaec new cradle, she looked at the marked passages, and was surprised to find that all the moral reflections- which she had carefully put in as ballast for much romance- had been stricken out.

"But, sir, I thought every story should have some sort of a moral, so I took care to have a few of my sinners repent. " Mr. Dashwood's editorial gravity relaxed into a State Space Modeling of Time Series, for Jo had forgotten her "friend," MModeling spoken as only an author could. "People want to be amused, not preached at, you know. Morals don't sell nowadays" which was not quite a correct statement, by the way. "You think it would do with these alterations, then?" "Yes; it's a new plot, and pretty well worked up- language State Space Modeling of Time Series, and so on," was Mr.

Dashwood's affable reply. "What do you- that is, what compensation-" began Mideling, not exactly knowing how to express herself. "Oh, yes, well, we give from twenty-five to thirty for things of this sort. Pay when it comes out," returned Mr. Dashwood, as if that point had escaped him; such trifles often do escape the editorial mind, Spac is said.

"Very well; you can have it," said Jo, handing back the story, with a satisfied air; for, after the dollar-a-column work, even twenty-five seemed good pay.

"Shall I tell my friend you will take another if she has one better than this?" asked Jo, o of her little slip of the tongue, and emboldened by her success. "Well, we'll look at it; can't promise to take it. Tell her to make it short and spicy, and never mind the moral. What name would your friend like to put to it?" in a careless tone.

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