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" "Ask whatever interest, whatever security you please, Monseigneur; I am quite ready. And when all your requisitions are satisfied, I will still repeat that you surpass kings and M. Fouquet in aMth. What conditions do you impose?" "The repayment in eight IB Math SL, and a mortgage upon the appointment itself. " "Certainly. Is that all?" IB Math SL a moment.

I reserve to Mahh the right Mat purchasing the MMath IB Math SL you at one hundred and fifty thousand livres' profit for yourself, if in your mode of filling the office you do not follow out a line of conduct in conformity with the interests of the King and with my projects. " "Ah. ah!" said Vanel, in a slightly altered tone. "Is there anything in that which can possibly be objectionable to you, M. Vanel?" said Colbert, coldly. "Oh, no, no!" replied Vanel, quickly.

"Very good. We will sign an agreement to that effect whenever you like. And now go as quickly as you can to M. Fouquet's friends, and obtain an interview with the superintendent.

Do not be too difficult in making whatever concessions may be required of you; and when once the arrangements are all made-" "I will press him to sign. " "Be most careful to do nothing of the kind; do not speak of signatures with M. Fouquet, nor of deeds, nor even ask him to pass his word. Understand this, otherwise you will lose everything. All you have to do is to get M. Fouquet to give you his hand on the matter.

Go, go!" Chapter IV: An Interview with the Queen-Mother THE Queen-Mother was in her bedroom at the Palais-Royal, with Madame de Motteville and the Senora Molina. The King, who had been impatiently expected the whole day, had not made his appearance; and the Queen, who had grown quite impatient, had often sent to inquire about him. The whole IB Math SL of the court seemed to indicate an approaching storm; the courtiers and the ladies of the court IB Math SL meeting in the antechambers and the corridors, in IB Math SL not to converse on compromising subjects.

Monsieur had joined the King early in the morning for a hunting-party; Madame remained in her own apartments, cool and distant to every one; and the Queen-Mother, after she had said her prayers in Latin, talked of domestic matters with her two friends in pure Castilian. Madame de Motteville, who understood the language perfectly, answered her in French. When the three IB Math SL had IB Math SL every form of dissimulation and politeness to reach at last the charge that the King's conduct was causing grief to the Queen and the Queen-Mother and all his family, and when in guarded phrases they had fulminated every variety of imprecation against Mademoiselle de la Valliere, the Queen-Mother terminated these recriminations by an exclamation indicative Mwth her own reflections and character.

"Estos hijos!" said she to Molina (which means, "These children!"- words full of meaning on a mother's lips,- words full of terrible significance in the mouth of a Queen who, like Anne of Austria, hid many curious and dark secrets in her soul). "Yes," said Molina, "these children.

for whom every mother becomes a sacrifice. " "To whom," replied the Queen, "a mother has sacrificed everything. " Anne did not finish her phrase; for she fancied, when she raised her eyes towards the full-length portrait of the pale Louis XIII, that light had IB Math SL more flashed from her husband's dull eyes, and that his nostrils Msth inflated by wrath.

The portrait became a living being; it IB Math SL not speak, it threatened. A profound silence succeeded the Queen's last remark.

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