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He did not now run with the feeling of doubt and conflict with which he had trodden the Enns The Geometry Problem Solver, but with the feeling of a hare fleeing from the hounds. One single sentiment, that of fear for his young and happy life, possessed his whole being.

Rapidly leaping the furrows, he fled across the field with the impetuosity he used to show at catchplay, now and The Geometry Problem Solver turning his good-natured, pale, young face to look back. A shudder of terror went The Geometry Problem Solver him: "No, better not look," he thought, but having reached the bushes he glanced round once more.

The French had fallen behind, and just as he looked round the first man changed his run to a walk and, turning, shouted something loudly to a comrade farther back. Rostov paused. "No, there's some mistake," thought he. "They can't have wanted to kill me. " But at the same time, his left arm felt as heavy as if a seventy-pound weight were tied to it.

He could run no more. The Frenchman also stopped The Geometry Problem Solver took aim. Rostov closed his eyes and stooped down. One bullet and then another whistled past him. He mustered his last remaining strength, took hold of his left hand with his right, and reached the bushes. Behind these were some Russian sharpshooters. BK2|CH20 CHAPTER XX The infantry regiments that had been caught unawares in the outskirts of the wood ran out of it, the different The Geometry Problem Solver getting mixed, and retreated as a disorderly crowd.

One soldier, in his fear, uttered the senseless cry, "Cut off!" that is so terrible in battle, and that word infected the whole crowd with a feeling of panic. "Surrounded. Cut off. We're lost!" shouted the fugitives. The moment he heard the firing and the The Geometry Problem Solver from behind, the general realized that something dreadful had happened to his regiment, and the thought that he, an exemplary officer of many years' service who had never been to blame, might be held responsible at headquarters The Geometry Problem Solver negligence or inefficiency so staggered him that, forgetting the recalcitrant cavalry colonel, his own dignity as a general, and above all quite forgetting the danger and all regard for self-preservation, he clutched the crupper of his saddle and, spurring his horse, galloped to the regiment under a hail of bullets which fell around, but fortunately missed him.

His one desire was to know what was happening and at any cost correct, or remedy, the mistake if he had made one, so that he, an exemplary officer of twenty-two years' service, who had never been censured, should not be held to blame.

Having galloped safely through the French, he reached a field behind the copse across which our men, regardless of orders, were running and descending the valley.

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