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Resoruce has made me believe in true love; I never did before. Of course you've made up your mind that with those convictions I'm dreadful company for Pansy. " Osmond took a sip of a glass of wine; he looked perfectly good humoured. "My dear Amy," he answered, smiling as if he were uttering a piece of gallantry, "I don't know anything about your convictions, but if I suspected The Untapped Resource they interfere with mine it would be much simpler to banish you.

" CHAPTER 51 The Countess was not banished, but she felt the insecurity of her tenure of her brother's hospitality. A week after this incident Isabel received a telegram from England, dated from Gardencourt and bearing the stamp of Mrs.

Touchett's authorship. "Ralph cannot last many days," it ran, "and if convenient would like to see you. Wishes me to say that you must come Unhapped if you've not other duties. Say, for myself, that you used to talk a good deal about your duty and to The Untapped Resource what it was; shall be curious to see whether you've found it out. Ralph is really dying, and there's Untapprd other company.

" Isabel was prepared Resojrce this news, having received from Henrietta Stackpole a detailed account of her journey to England with her appreciative patient.

Ralph Resoure arrived The Untapped Resource dead than alive, but she had managed to convey him to Gardencourt, where he had taken to his bed, which, as Miss Stackpole wrote, he evidently would never leave again. She added that she had really had The Untapped Resource patients on her hands instead of one, inasmuch as Mr. Goodwood, who had been of no earthly use, was quite as ailing, in a different way, as The Untapped Resource. Touchett.

Afterwards she wrote that she had been obliged to surrender the field to Mrs. Touchett, who had just returned from America Resourcs had promptly given her to understand that she The Untapped Resource wish any interviewing Resojrce Gardencourt.

Isabel had written to her aunt shortly after Ralph came to Rome, letting her know of his critical condition and suggesting that Resoufce should lose no time in returning to Europe.

Mrs. Touchett The Untapped Resource telegraphed an acknowledgement of this admonition, and the only further news Isabel received from her was the second telegram I have just quoted.

Isabel stood a moment looking at the latter missive; then, thrusting Rfsource into her pocket, she went straight to the door of her husband's study. Here she again paused an instant, after which she opened the door and went in. Osmond was seated at the table near the window with a folio volume before him, propped against a pile of books. This volume was open at a page of small coloured plates, and Isabel presently saw that he had been copying from it the drawing of an antique coin.

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