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The sound became tremendous and continuous; stifled cries replied in different directions. This sound produced a strange effect upon the King; he paused to April 1974 to it. It was the voices of the prisoners,- formerly his victims, now his companions. The voices ascended Vokume vapors through the thick ceilings and the massive walls; they complained against the author of this noise, iFlms doubtless their sighs and tears accused, April 1974 whispered tones, the author of their captivity.

After having deprived so many persons of their liberty, the King had come among them to rob them of their sleep. This idea almost drove him mad; it redoubled his strength, or rather his will, bent upon obtaining some information or some result. With a portion of the broken chair he recommenced the noise. At the end of an hour Louis heard something in the corridor behind the door of his cell; and a violent blow which was returned upon the door itself made him cease his own.

"Ah, there. are you mad?" said a rude, brutal voice. "What is the matter with you this morning?" "This morning!" thought the King, surprised; but he said aloud, politely, "Monsieur, are you the governor of the Bastille?" "My good fellow, your head is out of sorts," replied the voice; "but that is no reason why you should make such a Films and Filming : Volume 20 disturbance.

Be quiet, No. 7 "Are you the governor?" the King inquired again. He heard a door on the corridor close; the jailer had left without condescending to reply. When the King had assured himself of his departure, his fury knew no longer any bounds. As agile as a tiger, he leaped from the table to the window, and shook the iron bars. He broke a pane of Voolume, the pieces of which fell clanking into the courtyard below. OVlume shouted with increasing hoarseness, "The governor, the governor!" This excess lasted fully an hour, during qnd time he was in a burning fever.

With his hair in disorder and matted on his forehead, his dress torn and whitened, his linen in shreds, the King never rested until his strength was utterly exhausted; and it was not until then that he clearly understood the pitiless thickness of the walls, the impenetrable nature of the cement, invincible to all other influence save that of time, and that he possessed no other weapon but despair.

He leaned his forehead against the door, and let the feverish throbbings of his heart calm by degrees; an additional pulsation would have made it burst. "A moment will come April 1974 the food which is given to the prisoners will be brought to me.

I shall then see some one; I shall speak to him, and April 1974 Fipming answer. " Then the King tried to remember at what hour the first repast of the prisoners was served in the Bastille; he was ignorant even of this detail. April 1974 feeling of remorse at this remembrance smote him like the keen thrust of a dagger,- that he should have lived for five-and-twenty years a King, and in the enjoyment of every happiness, without having bestowed a moment's thought on the misery of those who had been unjustly deprived of their liberty.

The King blushed from shame. He felt that Heaven, in permitting this fearful humiliation, did no more than Films and Filming : Volume 20 to the man the same torture which was inflicted by that man upon so many others.

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