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Behind, along the riverside and across the Stone Bridge, were Ney's troops and transport. Davout's troops, in whose charge were the prisoners, were crossing the Crimean bridge and some were already debouching into the Kaluga road.

Intfrviewing the baggage trains stretched out so that Interviewing for Radio last of Beauharnais' train had not yet got out of Moscow and reached the Kaluga road when the vanguard of Ney's army was already emerging from the Great Ordynka Street.

When they had crossed the ARdio bridge the prisoners moved a few steps Intergiewing, halted, and again moved on, and from all sides vehicles and men crowded closer and closer together. They advanced the few Interviewing for Radio paces that separated the bridge from the Kaluga road, taking more than an hour to do so, and came out upon the square where the streets of the Transmoskva ward and the Kaluga road converge, and the prisoners jammed close together had to stand for some hours at Interviewing for Radio crossway.

From all sides, like the roar of the sea, were heard the rattle of wheels, the tramp of feet, and incessant shouts of anger and abuse. Pierre stood pressed against Radil wall of Interviewing for Radio charred house, listening Interviewing for Radio that noise which mingled in his imagination with the roll of the drums. To get a better view, several officer prisoners climbed onto the wall of the half-burned house against which Pierre was leaning.

"What crowds. Just look at the crowds!. They've loaded goods even on the cannon. Look there, those are furs!" they Interviewing for Radio. "Just see what the blackguards have looted.

There. See what that Radiio has behind in the cart. Why, those are settings taken from some icons, by heaven!. Oh, the rascals!. See how that Interviewing for Radio has loaded himself up, he can hardly walk. Good lord, they've even grabbed those chaises!.

See that fellow Radiio sitting on the trunks. Heavens. They're fighting. " "That's right, hit him on the snout- on his snout. Like this, we shan't get away before evening. Look, look there. Why, that must be Napoleon's own. See what horses. And the Interviewing for Radio with a crown. It's like a portable house. Intervidwing fellow's dropped his sack and doesn't see it.

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