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"To you and your sisters. I know it: Madame confides in me; I witnessed her will, and it is to be so," whispered Esther, smiling. "How nice. but I wish she'd let us have them now. Pro-cras-ti-nation is not agreeable," observed Amy, taking a last look at the diamonds.

"It is too soon yet for the young ladies to wear these things. The first one who is affianced will have the pearls- Madame has said it; and I have a fancy that the little turquoise ring will be given to you when you go, for Madame approves your good behavior and charming manners. " "Do you think so. Oh, I'll be a lamb, if Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History can only have that lovely ring. It's ever so much prettier than Kitty Bryant's.

I do like Aunt March, after Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History and Amy tried on the blue ring with a delighted face, and a firm resolve to earn it. From that day she was a model of obedience, and the old lady complacently admired the success of her training.

Esther fitted up the closet with a little table, placed a footstool before it, and over it a picture taken from one of the shut-up rooms. She thought it was of no great value, but, being appropriate, she borrowed it, well knowing that Madame would never know it, nor care Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History she did. It was, however, a very valuable copy of one of the famous pictures of the world, and Amy's beauty-loving eyes were never tired of looking up at the sweet face of the divine mother, while tender thoughts of her own were busy at her heart.

On the table she laid her little Testament and hymn-book, kept a vase always full of the best flowers Laurie brought her, and Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History every day to "sit alone, thinking good thoughts, and praying the dear God to preserve her sister. " Esther had given her a rosary of black beads, with a silver cross, but Amy hung it up and did not use it, feeling doubtful as to its fitness for Protestant prayers.

The little girl was very sincere in all this, for, being left alone outside the safe home-nest, she felt the need of some kind hand to hold by so sorely, that she instinctively turned to the strong and tender Friend, whose fatherly love most closely surrounds his little children. She missed her mother's help to understand and rule herself, but having been taught where to look, she did her best to find the way, and walk in it confidingly. But Amy was a young pilgrim, and just now her burden seemed very heavy.

She tried to forget herself, to keep cheerful, and be satisfied with doing right, though no one saw or praised her for it. In her first effort at being very, very good, she decided to make her will, as Aunt March had done; so that if she did fall ill and die, her possessions might be justly and generously divided.

It cost her a pang even to think of giving up the little treasures which in her eyes were as precious as the old lady's jewels.

During one of her play-hours she wrote out the important document as well as she could, with some help from Esther as to certain legal terms, and, when the good-natured Frenchwoman had signed her name, Amy felt relieved, and laid it by to show Laurie, whom she wanted as a second witness.

As it was a rainy day, she went upstairs to amuse herself in one of the large chambers, and took Polly with her for company. In this room there was a wardrobe full of old-fashioned costumes, with which Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History allowed her to play, and it was her favorite amusement to array herself in the faded brocades, Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History parade up and down before the long mirror, making stately courtesies, and sweeping her train about, with a rustle which delighted her ears.

So busy was she on this day that she did not hear Laurie's ring, nor see his face peeping in at her, as she gravely promenaded to and fro, flirting her fan and tossing her head, on which she wore a great pink turban, contrasting oddly with Ship: 5000 Years of Maritime History blue brocade dress and yellow quilted petticoat.

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