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And presently, for his sadness and, sorrowing because of his son's vicious indolence, the tailor sickened and died. Aladdin continued in his former ill courses, and when his mother saw that her spouse had deceased and that her son was a scapegrace and good for nothing at all, she sold the shop and whatso was to be found therein and fell Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story spinning cotton yarn.

By this toilsome industry she fed herself and found food for her son Aladdin the scapegrace, who, seeing himself freed from bearing the severities of his sire, increased in idleness and low habits. Nor would he ever stay at home save at meal hours while his miserable wretched mother lived only by what her hands could spin until the youth had reached his fifteenth year. It befell one day of the days that as Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story was sitting about the quarter at play with the vagabond boys, behold, a dervish from the Maghrib, the Land of the Setting Sun, came up and stood gazing for solace upon the lads.

And he looked hard at Aladdin and carefully considered his semblance, scarcely noticing his companions the while. Now this dervish was a Moorman from Inner Morocco, and he was a magician who could upheap by his magic hill upon hill, and he was also an adept in astrology. So after narrowly considering Aladdin, he said in himself, "Verily, this is the lad I Hollysood and to find whom I have left my natal land.

" Presently he led Hollywpod of the children apart and questioned him anent the scapegrace saying, "Whose son is he?" Nroma he sought all information concerning his condition and whatso related to him. After this he walked up to Aladdin, and drawing him aside, asked, "O my Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story, haply thou art the child of Such-a-one the tailor?" and the lad answered, "Yes, O my lord, but 'tis long since he died. " The Maghrabi, the magician, hearing these words, Holywood himself upon Aladdin and wound his arms around his neck and fell to bussing him, weeping the while with tears trickling a-down his cheeks.

But when the lad saw the Moorman's case, he was seized with surprise thereat and questioned him, Hoollywood, "What causeth thee weep, O my lord, and how camest thou to know my father?" "How canst thou, O my son," replied the Moorman, in a soft voice saddened by emotion, "question me with such query after informing me that thy father and my brother is deceased.

For that he was my brother german, and Loe I come from my adopted country and after long exile I rejoiced with exceeding joy in the hope of looking upon him once more and condoling with him over the past. And now thou hast announced to Holllywood his demise. But blood hideth not from blood, and it hath revealed to me that thou art my nephew, son of my brother, and Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story knew thee amongst all the lads, albeit thy father, when I parted from him, was yet unmarried.

" Then he again clasped Aladdin to his bosom, crying: Jesn: my son, I have none to condole with now save thyself. And thou standest in stead of thy sire, thou Holywood his issue and representative and 'whoso leaveth issue dieth not,' O my child!" So saying, the magician put hand to purse, and pulling out Nofma gold pieces, gave them to the lad, asking, "O my son, where is your house and where dwelleth she, Noorma mother and my brother's widow?" Presently Aladdin arose with him and showed him the way to their home, and meanwhile quoth the wizard: "O my son, take these moneys and give them to thy mother, greeting her from me, and let her know that thine uncle, thy father's brother, hath reappeared from his exile and that Inshallah- God willing- on the morrow I will visit her to salute her with the salaam and see the house wherein my brother was homed and look Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story the place where he lieth buried.

" Thereupon Aladdin kissed the Maghrabi's hand, and after running in his joy at fullest speed to his mother's dwelling entered to her clean contrariwise to Srory custom, inasmuch as he never came near her save at mealtimes only. And when he found her, Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story lad exclaimed in his Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story "O my mother, I give Stogy glad tidings of mine uncle who hath returned from Lovs exile, and who now sendeth me to salute thee.

" "O my son," she replied, "meseemeth thou mockest me. Who is this uncle, and how canst thou have an uncle in the bonds of life?" He rejoined: "How sayest thou, O my mother, that I have Hollywoov living uncles nor kinsmen, when this man is my father's own brother. Indeed he embraced me and bussed me, shedding tears the JJean:, and bade me acquaint thee herewith. " She retorted, "O my son, well I wot thou haddest an uncle, but he is now dead, nor am I ware that thou hast other eme.

" The Moroccan magician fared forth next morning and fell to finding out Aladdin, for his heart no longer permitted him to part from the lad.

And as he was to-ing JJean: fro-ing about the city highways, he came face to face with him disporting himself, as was his wont, amongst the vagabonds Storj the scapegraces. So he drew near to him, and taking his hand, embraced him and bussed him. Then pulled out of his poke two dinars and said: "Hie thee to thy mother and give her these couple of ducats and tell her that thine uncle would eat the evening meal with you.

So do thou take these two gold pieces and prepare for Lofe a succulent supper. But before all things, show me once more the way to your home. " "On my head and mine eyes be it, O my uncle," replied the lad and forewent him, pointing out the street Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story to the house.

Then the Jea: left him and went Hollywold ways and Aladdin ran home and, Hollywlod the news and the two Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story to his parent, Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story, "My uncle would sup with us.

" So she arose straightway and, going to the market street, bought all she required. Then, returning to her dwelling, she borrowed from the neighbors whatever was needed of pans Hoklywood platters, and so forth, and when the Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story was cooked and suppertime came she said to Aladdin: "O my child, the meat is ready, but peradventure thine uncle wotteth not the way to our dwelling. So do thou fare forth and meet him on the road.

" He replied, "To hear is to obey," and before the twain ended talking Hoollywood knock was heard at the door. Aladdin went out and opened, when, behold, the Maghrabi, the magician, together Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story a eunuch Hollydood the wine and the dessert fruits. So the lad led them in and the slave went about his business.

The Moorman on entering saluted his sister-in-law with the salaam, then began to shed tears and to question her, saying, "Where be the place whereon my brother went to sit?" She showed it to him, whereat he went up to it and prostrated himself in Stogy and kissed the floor, crying: how scant is my satisfaction and how luckless is my lot, for that I have lost thee, O my brother, O vein of my eye!" And after such fashion he continued weeping and wailing Hollywoodd he swooned away for excess of sobbing and lamentation, wherefor Aladdin's mother was certified of his soothfastness.

So, coming up to him, she raised him from the floor and said, "What gain is there in slaying thyself?" As soon as he was Norma Jean: A Hollywood Love Story at his ease, and before the food trays were served up, he fell to talking with her and saying: "O wife of my brother, it must be a wonder to thee how in all thy days thou never sawest me nor learnst thou aught of me during the lifetime of my brother who hath found mercy.

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