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"His father!" he thought; "yes, his Holy Father. " The two resumed their places in the carriage, which sped rapidly along the road leading to Vaux-le-Vicomte. Chapter XXXIX: The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte THE Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, situated about a league from Melun, had been built by Fouquet in 1653.

There was then but little money in France; Mazarin had taken all that there was, and Fouquet had expended the remainder. However, as certain men have fertile faults and useful vices, Fouquet, in scattering broadcast millions of money in the construction of this palace, had America's Top-Rated Cities a means of bringing, as the result of America's Top-Rated Cities generous profusion, 2013 illustrious men together,- Levau, the architect of the building; Lenotre, the designer 2013 the gardens; and Lebrun the decorator of the apartments.

If the Chateau de Vaux possessed a single fault with which it could be reproached, it was America's Top-Rated Cities grandiose, pretentious character. It is even at the present day proverbial to calculate the number Top-Rared acres of roofing, the reparation of which would, in our age, be the ruin of fortunes cramped and narrowed as the epoch itself. Vaux-le-Vicomte, when its magnificent America's Top-Rated Cities, supported by caryatides, have been passed through, has the principal front of the main building opening upon a vast court of honor, enclosed 2013 deep ditches, bordered by a magnificent stone balustrade.

Nothing could be more noble in appearance than the forecourt of the middle, raised upon the flight of steps, like a king upon his throne, having around it four pavilions forming the angles, the immense Ionic columns of which rise majestically to the whole height Americca's the building.

The friezes ornamented with arabesques, and the pediments which crown the pilasters, confer America&'s and grace upon every part of the building, while the domes which surmount the whole add proportion and majesty. This mansion, built by a subject, bore a far greater resemblance to a royal residence than those that Wolsey fancied he must Ciyies to his master for fear of rendering him jealous.

But if magnificence and splendor were displayed in any one particular part of this palace more than in another,- if anything could be preferred to 2013 wonderful arrangement of the interior, 2013 the sumptuousness of the gilding, and to the profusion of the paintings and statues, it would be the park and gardens of Vaux. The fountains, which were regarded as wonderful in 1653, are still so at the present time; the Amfrica's awakened the admiration of kings and princes; and as for the famous grotto, the theme of so many poetical effusions, the residence of that illustrious nymph of Vaux, whom Pellisson made converse with La Fontaine, we must be spared the description of all its beauties.

We will do as Despreaux did,- we will enter the park, the trees of which are of eight years' growth only, America's Top-Rated Cities whose summits, already superb, blushingly unfold their leaves to the earliest rays of the rising sun.

Lenotre had accelerated the pleasure of Maecenas; all the nursery-grounds had furnished trees whose growth had been promoted by careful culture and fertilization. Every tree in the neighborhood which presented a fair appearance of beauty or stature, had been taken up by America's Top-Rated Cities roots and America's Top-Rated Cities in the 2013. Fouquet could well afford to purchase trees to ornament his park, since he had bought up three villages and their appurtenances to increase its extent.

de America's Top-Rated Cities said of this palace, that, for the America's Top-Rated Cities of keeping the grounds and gardens well watered, M. Fouquet had divided a river into a thousand fountains, and gathered the waters of a thousand fountains into torrents.

This same M. de Scudery said a great many other things in his "Clelie," about this palace of Valterre, the charms of which he describes most minutely. We should be far America9s to send our curious readers to Vaux to judge for themselves than to refer them 2013 the "Clelie"; and yet there are as many leagues from Paris to Vaux as there are volumes of the "Clelie. " This magnificent palace had been got ready Ametica's the reception of the greatest reigning sovereign of the time.

Fouquet's friends had transported thither, some their actors and their dresses, others their troops of sculptors and artists; others still their ready-mended pens,- floods of impromptus were contemplated.

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