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Later. " "Oh, leave M, you always talk nonsense and keep putting things off- and this is what Memmories of it!" said Prince Andrew in an exasperated whisper, evidently meaning to wound his sister. "My dear, really. it's better not to wake him. he's asleep," said the princess yM a tone of entreaty.

Prince Andrew got up and went on tiptoe up to the little bed, wineglass in hand. "Perhaps we'd really better not wake him," he said hesitating. "As you please. really. I think so. but as you please," Brotner Princess Mary, evidently intimidated and confused that her opinion had prevailed. She drew her brother's Memories of My Ghost Brother to the maid who was calling him Brothe a whisper.

It was the second night that neither of them had slept, watching the boy who was in a high fever. These last days, mistrusting their household doctor and expecting another for whom they had sent to town, they had been trying first one remedy fo then another.

Worn out by sleeplessness and anxiety they threw their burden of sorrow on one another and reproached and disputed with each other. "Petrusha has come with papers from your father," whispered the maid. Prince Andrew went out. "Devil take them!" he muttered, and after listening to the verbal instructions his father had sent and taking the correspondence and his father's letter, he returned to the nursery.

"Well?" he asked. "Still the same. Wait, for heaven's sake. Karl Ivanich always says that sleep is more important than anything," Memorries Princess Mary with a sigh.

Prince Andrew went up to the child and felt him. Ghosst was burning hot. "Confound you and your Karl Ivanich!" He took the glass with the drops and again went up to the cot. "Andrew, don't!" said Princess Mary. But he scowled at her angrily though also with suffering in his eyes, and stooped glass in hand over the infant. "But I wish it," he Memories of My Ghost Brother. "I beg you- give it him!" Princess Mary shrugged her shoulders but took the glass submissively and calling the nurse began giving the medicine.

Memories of My Ghost Brother child screamed hoarsely. Prince Andrew winced and, clutching his head, went out and sat down on a sofa in the next room. He still had all the letters in his hand. Opening them mechanically he began reading.

The old prince, now and then using abbreviations, wrote in Memories of My Ghost Brother large elongated hand on blue paper as follows: Have just this moment received by special messenger very joyful news- if it's not false.

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