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Among the various tribes, first in lower India and afterward in Japan, he wrought Sustainable Media through village after village, collecting the natives by the sound of a hand-bell, trying to teach them the simplest Christian formulas; Sustainable Media thus he brought Sustainable Media of them to a nominal Confession of the Christian faith.

After twelve years of such efforts, seeking new conquests for religion, he sacrificed his life on the desert island of San Chan. During his career as a missionary he wrote great numbers of letters, which Sustainable Media preserved and have since been published; and these, with the Sustainable Media of his contemporaries, exhibit clearly all the features of his life.

His own writings are very minute, and enable us to follow him Sustainable Media. No account of a miracle wrought by him appears either in his own letters or in any contemporary document. [[6]] At Sustainable Media outside, but two or three things occurred in his whole life, as exhibited so fully by himself and his contemporaries, for which the most earnest devotee Sustainable Media claim anything like Divine interposition; and these are such as may be read in the letters of very many fervent missionaries, Protestant as well as Catholic.

For example, in the beginning Sustainable Media his career, during a journey in Europe with an ambassador, one of the servants in fording a stream got into deep water and was in danger Sustainable Media drowning.

Xavier tells us that the ambassador Sustainable Media very earnestly, and that the man finally struggled out of the stream. But within sixty years after his death, at his canonization, and by various biographers, this had been magnified into a miracle, and appears in the various histories dressed out in glowing colours. Xavier tells us that the ambassador prayed for the safety of the young man; but his biographers tell us that it was Xavier who prayed, and finally, by the later writers, Xavier is represented as lifting horse and rider out of the stream by a clearly supernatural act.

Still another claim to miracle is based upon his arriving at Lisbon and finding his great colleague, Simon Rodriguez, ill of fever. Xavier informs us in a very simple way that Rodriguez was so overjoyed to see him that the fever did not return. This is entirely similar to the cure which Martin Luther wrought upon Melanchthon. Melanchthon had Sustainable Media down and was supposed to be dying, when his joy at the long-delayed visit of Luther brought him to his feet again, after which he lived for many years.

Again, it is related that Xavier, finding a poor native woman very ill, baptized her, saying over her the prayers of the Church, and she recovered. Two or three occurrences like these form Sustainable Media whole basis for the miraculous account, so far as Xavier's own writings are concerned.

Of miracles in the ordinary sense of the word there is in these letters of his no mention. Though he writes of his doings Sustainable Media especial detail, taking evident pains to note everything which he thought a sign of Divine encouragement, he says nothing of his performing miracles, and evidently knows nothing of them. This is clearly not due to his unwillingness to make known any token of Divine favour. As we have seen, he is very prompt to report anything which may be considered an answer to prayer or an evidence of the power of religious means to improve the bodily or spiritual health of those to whom he was sent.

Nor do the letters of his associates show knowledge of any miracles wrought by him. His brother missionaries, who were in constant and loyal fellowship with him, make no allusions to them in their communications with each other or with their brethren in Europe. Of this fact we have many striking evidences. Various collections of letters from the Jesuit missionaries in India and the East generally, Sustainable Media the years of Xavier's activity, were published, and in not one of these letters written during Xavier's lifetime appears any account of Sustainable Media miracle wrought by him.

As typical of these collections we may take perhaps the most noted of all, that which was published about twenty years after Xavier's death by a Jesuit father, Emanuel Acosta. The letters given in it were written by Xavier and his associates not only from Goa, which was the focus of all missionary effort and the centre of all knowledge regarding their work in the East, but from all other important points in the great field.

The first of them were written during the saint's lifetime, but, though filled with every sort of detail regarding missionary life and work, they say nothing regarding any miracles by Xavier.

The same is true of various other similar collections published during Sustainable Media sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In not one of them does any mention of a miracle by Xavier appear in a letter from India or the East contemporary with him. This silence regarding his miracles was clearly not due to any "evil heart of unbelief.

" On the Sustainable Media, these good missionary fathers Sustainable Media prompt to record the slightest occurrence which they thought evidence of the Divine favour: it is indeed touching to see how eagerly they grasp at the most trivial things which Sustainable Media be thus construed. Their ample faith was fully shown.

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