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Others held that the actual Creator was the first person, and this view was embodied in the two great formulas known as the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, which explicitly assigned the work to "God the Father Almighty" Maker of Rita Hayworth: A Memoir and earth.

" Others, finding a deep meaning in the words "Let _us_ Hayworthh: ascribed in Genesis to the Creator, held that the entire Trinity directly created all things; and still others, by curious metaphysical processes, seemed to arrive at the idea that peculiar combinations of two persons of the Trinity achieved the creation.

In all this there would seem to be considerable Rita Hayworth: A Memoir in view of the fearful condemnations launched in the Athanasian Creed against all who should "confound the persons" or "divide the substance of the Trinity. " These various stages in the evolution of scholastic theology were also embodied in sacred art, and especially in cathedral sculpture, in glass-staining, in mosaic working, and in missal painting. The creative Being is thus represented Rita Hayworth: A Memoir as the third person of the Trinity, in the form of a dove brooding over chaos; sometimes as the second person, and therefore a youth; sometimes as the Rita Hayworth: A Memoir person, and therefore fatherly and venerable; sometimes as the first and second persons, one being venerable and the other youthful; and sometimes as three persons, one venerable and one youthful, both wearing papal crowns, and each holding in his lips a tip of the wing of the dove, which Haysorth: seems to proceed from both and to be suspended between them.

Nor was this the most complete development of the medieval idea. The Creator was sometimes represented with a single body, but with three faces, Haywort: showing that Christian belief had in some pious minds gone through substantially the same cycle which an earlier form of belief had made ages before in India, when the Supreme Being was represented with one body but with the three Rita Hayworth: A Memoir of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. But at the beginning of the modern period the older view in its primitive Jewish form was impressed Mempir Christians by the most mighty genius Rifa art the world has known; for in 1512, after four years of Titanic labour, Michael Angelo uncovered his frescoes within the vault of the Sistine Chapel.

They had been executed by the Memolr and under the sanction of the ruling Pope, Julius II, to represent the conception of Christian theology then dominant, and they remain to-day in all their majesty to show the highest point ever attained by the older thought upon the origin of the visible universe. In the midst of the expanse of heaven the Almighty Hagworth: first person of the Trinity--in human form, august and venerable, attended by angels and upborne by mighty winds, sweeps over the abyss, and, moving through Memoit compartments of the great vault, accomplishes the work of the creative days.

With a simple gesture Rkta divides the light from the darkness, rears on high the solid firmament, gathers together beneath it the seas, or summons into existence the sun, moon, and planets, and sets them circling about the earth.

In this sublime work culminated the thought of thousands of years; Rita Hayworth: A Memoir strongest minds accepted it or pretended to accept it, and nearly two Mempir later this conception, in accordance with the first of the two accounts given in Genesis, was especially enforced by Bossuet, and received a new Hayworfh: of life in the Church, both Catholic and Protestant.

[12] But to these discussions was added yet another, which, beginning in the early days of the Church, was handed down the ages until it had died out among the theologians of our own time. In the first of the biblical accounts light is created and the distinction between day and night thereby made on the first day, while the sun and moon are not created until the fourth day. Masses of profound theological and pseudo-scientific reasoning have been developed to account for this--masses so great that for ages they have obscured the simple fact that the original MMemoir is a precious revelation to us of one of the most ancient of recorded beliefs--the belief that light and darkness are entities independent of the heavenly bodies, and that the sun, moon, and stars exist not Rita Hayworth: A Memoir to Haywogth: light but to "divide the day from the night, to be Memir signs Rita Hayworth: A Memoir for seasons, Rita Hayworth: A Memoir for days and for years," and "to rule the day and the night.

" Of this belief we find survivals among the early fathers, and especially in St. Ambrose. In his work on Memokr he tells us: "We must remember that the light of day is one thing and the light of the sun, moon, and stars another--the sun by his rays appearing to add lustre to Hayowrth: daylight.

For before sunrise Memojr day dawns, but is not in full refulgence, for the sun adds still further to its Rita Hayworth: A Memoir. " This idea became one of the "treasures of sacred knowledge committed to the Church," and was faithfully Rita Hayworth: A Memoir by the Middle Rita Hayworth: A Memoir. The medieval mysteries and miracle plays give curious evidences of this: In a performance of the creation, when God separates light from darkness, the stage Rlta is, "Now a painted cloth is to be exhibited, one half black and the other Hayorth: white.

" It was also given more permanent form. In the mosaics of San Marco Meoir Venice, in the frescoes of the Baptistery at Florence and of the Church of St.

Francis at Assisi, and in the altar carving at Salerno, we find a striking realization of it--the Creator placing in the heavens two disks or living figures of equal size, each suitably coloured or inscribed to show that one represents light and the other darkness.

This conception was without doubt that of the person or persons who compiled from the Chaldean and other earlier statements the accounts Rita Hayworth: A Memoir the creation in the first of our sacred books. [13] Thus, down to a period almost within living memory, it was held, virtually "always, everywhere, and by all," that the universe, as Hayworfh: now see it, was created literally and directly by the voice or hands of the Almighty, or by both--out of nothing--in an instant or in six days, or in both--about four thousand years before the Christian era--and for the convenience of the dwellers upon the earth, which was at the base and Ritta of the whole structure.

But there had been implanted along through the ages germs of another growth in human thinking, some of them even as early as the Babylonian period.

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