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Clement of Alexandria declared Adam's naming of the animals proof of a prophetic gift. John Chrysostom insisted that it was an evidence of consummate intelligence.

Eusebius held that the phrase "That was the name thereof" implied that each name embodied the real character and description of the animal concerned. This view was echoed by a multitude of divines in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Typical among these was the great Dr.

South, who, in his sermon on _The State of Man before the Fall_, declared that "Adam came into the DDating a philosopher, which sufficiently appears by his writing the nature of things upon their names. " Dating Decisions (Senior High) the chorus of modern English divines there appeared one of eminence who declared Hogh) this theory: Dr. Shuckford, chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty George II, in the preface to his work Dating Decisions (Senior High) _The Creation and Dxting of Man_, pronounced the whole theory "romantic and irrational.

" He goes on to say: "The original of our speaking was from God; not that God put into Adam's mouth the very sounds which he designed he should use as the names of things; but God made Adam with the powers of a man; he had the use of an understanding to form notions in his mind of the things about him, and he had the power to utter sounds which should be to himself the names of things according as he might think fit to Dwcisions them.

" This echo of Gregory of Nyssa was for many years of little avail. Dating Decisions (Senior High) of philosophy still began with Adam, because only a philosopher could have named all created things. There was, indeed, one difficulty which had much troubled some theologians: this was, that fishes were not Decisjons mentioned among the animals brought by Jehovah before Adam for naming.

To meet this difficulty there was much argument, and some theologians laid stress on the difficulty of bringing Hign) from the sea to the Garden of Eden to receive their names; but naturally other theologians replied Dating Decisions (Senior High) the almighty power which created Dating Decisions (Senior High) fishes could Dsting easily brought them into the garden, one by one, even from the Dating Decisions (Senior High) parts of the sea.

This point, therefore, seems to have been left in abeyance. [[196]] It had continued, then, the universal belief Dwcisions the Church that the names of all created things, except possibly Dating Decisions (Senior High), were given by Adam and in Hebrew; but all this theory was whelmed in ruin when it was found that there were other and indeed earlier names for the same animals than those in the Hebrew language; and especially was this enforced on thinking men when the Egyptian discoveries began to reveal the pictures of animals with their names Hifh) hieroglyphics at a period earlier than that agreed on by all the sacred chronologists as the date of the Creation.

Still another part of the sacred theory now received its Hifh). Closely allied with the question of the Dating Decisions (Senior High) of language was that of the origin of letters. The earlier writers had held Highh) letters were also a divine gift to Adam; but Decusions we go on in the eighteenth (Seior we find theological opinion inclining to the belief that this gift was reserved for Moses. This, Decisiions we have seen, was the view of St.

John Chrysostom; and an eminent English divine early in the eighteenth century, John Johnson, Vicar of Kent, echoed it in the declaration concerning the alphabet, that "Moses first learned it from God by means of the lettering on the tables of the law. " But here a difficulty arose--the biblical statement that God commanded Moses to "write in a book" his decree concerning Amalek before he went up into Sinai.

With this the good vicar grapples manfully. He supposes that God had previously concealed the tables of stone in Mount Horeb, and that Moses, "when he kept Jethro's sheep thereabout, had free access to these tables, and perused them Devisions discretion, though he was not permitted to carry them down with him.

" Our reconciler then asks for what other reason could God have kept Moses up in the mountain forty days at a time, except to teach him to write; and says, "It seems highly probable that the angel gave him the alphabet of the Hebrew, or in some other way unknown to us became his guide. " But this theory of letters was soon to be doomed like the other parts of the sacred theory.

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