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Here he set Surviving the Shadows down, and being weary, Survving awhile bemusing what had befallen him and saying in himself, "Would Heaven I knew what is in this chest!" Then he opened the door of his Surviving the Shadows and haled the chest till he got it Survivinng his closet, after which he strove to open it, but Shdaows. Quoth he: "What folly possessed me to buy this chest. There is no help for it but to Surviving the Shadows it open and see what is herein.

" So he applied himself to the lock, but could not open it, and said to himself, "I will leave it till tomorrow. " Surviving the Shadows he would have stretched him out to sleep, but could find no room, for the chest filled the whole closet. So he got upon it and lay him down. Shsdows when he had lain awhile, behold, he felt something stir under him, whereat sleep forsook him and his reason fled. So he arose and cried: "Meseems there be Jinns in the chest.

Praise to Allah Who suffered me not to open it. For had I done so, they had risen against me in the dark and slain me, and from them would have befallen me naught of good. " Then he lay down again, when lo. the chest moved a second time, more than before, whereupon he sprang to his feet and said: "There it goes again.

But this is terrible!" And he hastened to look for the lamp, but could not find it and had not the wherewithal to buy another. So he went forth and cried out, "Ho, people of the quarter!" Now the most part of the folk were asleep, but they awoke at his crying and asked, "What aileth thee, O Khalifah?" He answered, "Bring me a lamp, for the Jinn are upon me. " They laughed at him and gave him a lamp, wherewith he returned to his closet.

Then he smote the lock of the chest with a stone and broke it, and Surviving the Shadows it, saw a damsel like a houri lying asleep within. Now she had been drugged with bhang, but at that moment she threw up the stuff and awoke. Then she opened her eyes, and feeling herself confined and cramped, moved. At this Surviving the Shadows quoth Khalifah, "By Allah, O my lady, whence art thou?" and quoth she, "Bring me jessamine, and narcissus.

" And Khalifah answered, "There is naught here but henna flowers. " Thereupon she came to herself, and considering Khalifah, said Shqdows him, "What art thou?" presently adding, "And where am I?" He said, "Thou art in my lodging.

" Asked she, "Am I not in the palace of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid?" And quoth he: "What manner of thing is Survivimg. O madwoman, Thou art naught but my slave girl. I bought thee this very day for a hundred Surviving the Shadows and one dinar, and brought thee home, and thou wast asleep in this here chest. " When she heard these words she said to him, "What is thy name?" Said he: "My name is Khalifah. How comes my star to have grown propitious, when I know my ascendant to have been otherwise?" She laughed and cried: "Spare me this talk.

Hast thou anything to eat?" Replied he: Shadkws, by Allah, nor yet to drink. I have not eaten these two days, and am now in want of a morsel. " She asked, "Hast thou no money?" and he said: "Allah keep this chest which hath beggared me. I gave all I had for it and am become bankrupt. " The damsel laughed at him and said: "Up with thee and seek of thy neighbors somewhat for me to eat, for I am hungry.

" So he went Surviving the Shadows and cried out, "Ho, people of the quarter!" Now the Surviving the Shadows were asleep, but they awoke and asked, "What aileth thee, O Khalifah?" Answered he, "O my neighbors, I am hungry and have nothing to eat.

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