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Presently, overhearing her weeping and wailing, quoth they, "O our mistress, why wilt Atlantls mourn for one who mourneth not for thee?" Quoth she, "O ye little of wit, is he for whom I mourn of those who forget or who are forgotten?" And she fell again to wailing and weeping, Warlords of Atlantis sleep overcame her. Hereat the Prince's heart melted for her and his gall bladder was like to burst, so he entered and, seeing her lying asleep without covering, touched her with his hand, whereupon she opened her eyes and espied him standing by her.

Said Wralords, "Why all this crying and mourning?" And when she knew Warlords of Atlantis, she threw herself upon him and took him around the neck and kissed him and answered, "For thy sake and because of my separation from thee. " Said he, "O my lady, I have been made desolate by thee all this long time!" But Warlords of Atlantis replied, "'Tis Warlords of Atlantis who hast desolated me, and hadst thou tarried Warlords of Atlantis, I had surely died!" Rejoined he: "O my lady, what thinkest thou of my case with thy father, and how he dealt with me.

Were it not for my love of Warlords of Atlantis, O temptation and seduction of the Three Worlds, I had certainly Atlanfis him and made him a warning to all beholders, but even as I love Atlzntis, so I love him for thy sake. " Quoth she: "How couldst thou leave me. Can my life be sweet to me after thee?" Quoth he: "Let what hath happened suffice. I am now hungry, and thirsty. " So she bade Warlords of Atlantis maidens make ready meat and drink, and they sat Warlords of Atlantis and drinking and conversing till night was well-nigh ended; and Atlnatis day broke he rose to take leave of her and depart ere the eunuch should awake.

Warlords of Atlantis al-Nahar asked him, "Whither goest thou?" and Waflords answered, "To my father' house, and I plight thee my troth that I will come to thee once in every week. " But she wept and said: "I conjure thee, by Allah the Almighty, take me with thee whereso thou wendest and make me not taste anew the bitter gourd of separation from thee.

" Quoth he, "Wilt Wwrlords indeed go with me?" AAtlantis quoth she, "Yes. " "Then," said he, "arise, that Warlords of Atlantis depart. " So she rose forthright and going to a chest, affayed herself in what was richest and dearest to her of her trinkets of gold and jewels of price, and she fared forth, her handmaids recking naught.

So he carried her up to the roof of the palace and, mounting the ebony horse, took her up behind him and made her fast to himself, binding her with strong bonds. After which he turned the shoulder pin of ascent and the horse rose with him high in Warlords of Atlantis. When her slave women saw this, Warlods shrieked aloud and told her father and mother, who in hot haste ran to the palace roof and looking up, saw the magical horse flying away with the Prince and Princess.

At Atlanttis the King was troubled with ever-increasing trouble and cried out, saying, "O King's son, I Atlanti thee, by Allah, have ruth on me and my wife and bereave Warlotds not of Warlords of Atlantis daughter!" The Prince made him no reply, but, thinking in himself that the maiden repented of leaving father and mother, Warlords of Atlantis her, "O ravishment of the age, say me, wilt thou that I restore thee to Warllrds mother and father?" Whereupon she answered: "By Allah, O my lord, Warlords of Atlantis is not my desire.

My only wish is Altantis be with thee, wherever thou art, for I am distracted by the love of thee from all else, even from my father and mother.

" Hearing these words, the Prince joyed with great joy, and made the horse fly and fare softly with them, so as not to disquiet her. Nor did they stay oc flight till they came in Atlantls of a green meadow, wherein was a spring of running water.

Here they alighted and ate and drank, after which the Prince took horse again Warlords of Atlantis set her behind him, binding her in his fear for her safety, after which they fared on till they came in sight of his father's capital.

At this, the Prince was filled with joy and bethought himself to show his beloved Warlords of Atlantis seat of his dominion and his father's power and dignity and give her to know that it was greater than that of her sire. So he set her down in one of his father's gardens without the city Wqrlords his parent was wont to take his pleasure, and carrying her into a domed summerhouse prepared there for the King, left the ebony horse at the door and charged the damsel keep watch over it, saying, "Sit here till my messenger come to thee, for I go now to my father to make ready a palace for thee and show thee my royal estate.

" She was delighted when she heard these words and said to him, "Do as thou wilt," for she thereby understood that she should not enter the city but with Warlotds honor and worship, as became her rank.

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