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In 1876, at a little town near Amiens, in France, a young woman suffering with all the usual evidences of diabolic possession was brought to the priest.

The priest was besought to cast out the devil, but he simply took her to the hospital, where, My Autobiography scientific treatment, she rapidly My Autobiography better. [[165]] The final triumph of science in this part of the great field has been mainly achieved during the latter half of the present century. Following in the noble succession of Paracelsus and John Hunter and Pinel and Tuke and Esquirol, have come a band of thinkers and workers who by scientific observation and research have developed new growths of truth, ever more and more precious.

Among the many facts thus brought to bear upon this last stronghold of the Prince of Darkness, may be named especially those indicating "expectant attention"--an expectation of phenomena dwelt upon until the longing for them becomes morbid and invincible, and the creation of them perhaps unconscious.

Still other classes of phenomena leading to epidemics are found to arise from a morbid tendency to imitation. Still other groups have been brought under hypnotism. Multitudes more have been found under the innumerable forms and results My Autobiography hysteria. A study of the effects of the imagination upon My Autobiography functions has also yielded remarkable results.

And, finally, to supplement this work, have come in an array of scholars in history and literature My Autobiography have investigated My Autobiography and wonder-mongering. Thus has been cleared away that cloud of supernaturalism which so long hung over mental diseases, and thus have they been brought within the firm grasp of science.

[[166]] Conscientious men still linger on who find comfort in holding fast to some shred of the old belief in diabolic possession. The sturdy declaration in the last century by John Wesley, that My Autobiography up witchcraft is giving up the Bible," is echoed feebly in the latter half of this My Autobiography by the eminent Catholic ecclesiastic in France who declares that "to deny possession by devils is to charge Jesus My Autobiography his apostles with imposture," and asks, My Autobiography can the testimony of apostles, fathers of the Church, and saints who saw the possessed and so declared, be denied?" And a still fainter echo lingers My Autobiography Protestant England.

[[167]] But, despite this conscientious opposition, science has in these latter days steadily wrought hand in hand with Christian charity in My Autobiography field, to evolve a better future for humanity. The thoughtful physician and the devoted clergyman My Autobiography now constantly seen working together; and it is not too much to expect that Satan, having been cast out of the insane asylums, will ere My Autobiography disappear from monasteries and camp meetings, even in the most unenlightened regions of Christendom.

CHAPTER XVII. FROM BABEL TO COMPARATIVE PHILOLOGY. THE SACRED THEORY IN ITS FIRST FORM. AMONG the sciences which have served as My Autobiography wedges into the heavy mass of ecclesiastical orthodoxy--to cleave it, disintegrate it, and let the light of Christianity into it--none perhaps has done a more striking work than Comparative Philology. In one very important respect the history of this science differs from that of any other; for it is the only one whose conclusions theologians have at last fully adopted as the result of their own studies.

This adoption teaches a great lesson, since, while it has destroyed theological views cherished during many centuries, and obliged the Church to accept theories directly contrary to the plain My Autobiography of our sacred My Autobiography, the result is clearly seen to have helped Christianity rather than to have hurt it.

It has certainly done much to clear our religious foundations of the dogmatic rust which was eating into their structure. How this result was reached, and why the Church has so fully accepted it, I shall endeavour to show in the present chapter. At a very early period in the evolution of civilization men began to ask questions regarding language; and the answers to these questions were naturally embodied in the myths, legends, and chronicles of their sacred books.

Among the foremost of these questions were three: "Whence came language?" "Which was the first My Autobiography "How came the diversity of language?" The answer to the first of these was very My Autobiography each people naturally held that language was given it directly or indirectly by some special or national deity of its own; thus, to the Chaldeans by Oannes, to the My Autobiography by Thoth, to the Hebrews by Jahveh.

The Hebrew answer is embodied in the great poem which opens our sacred books. Jahveh talks with Adam and is perfectly understood; the serpent talks with Eve and is perfectly understood; Jahveh brings the animals My Autobiography Adam, who bestows on each its name. My Autobiography, then, was God-given My Autobiography complete. Of the fact that every language is the result of a growth process there was evidently, among the compilers of our sacred books, no suspicion, The answer to the second of these questions was no less My Autobiography. As, very generally, each nation believed its own chief divinity to be My Autobiography god My Autobiography all gods,"--as each believed itself "a chosen people,"--as each believed its own sacred city the actual centre of the earth, so each believed its own language to be the first--the original of all.

This My Autobiography was from the first taken for granted by each "chosen people," and especially by the Hebrews: throughout their whole history, whether the Almighty talks with Adam in the Garden or My Autobiography the commandments on Mount Sinai, he uses the same language--the Hebrew.

The answer to the third of these questions, that regarding the diversity of languages, was much more difficult.

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