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  • by: by Nobre, Anna C. (EDT)/ Kastner, Sabine (EDT)
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Will you take advantage of this reconciliation to put down or to restrain me. Will you employ that sword to spill my blood?' 'Oh never!' I would have replied to him; 'I look on you as my Te, and will respect you as my master. You give me far more than Heaven bestowed; for through you I possess liberty and the privilege of loving and being loved in this world.

'" "And you would have kept your word, Monseigneur?" "Oh, on my life!" "While now?" "While now I perceive that I have guilty ones to punish. " "In what manner, Monseigneur?" "What do you say as to The Oxford Handbook of Attention resemblance that Heaven has given me to my brother?" "I say that there was in that likeness a providential instruction which the King ought to have heeded; I say that your mother committed a crime in rendering those Oxforf in happiness and fortune whom Nature created so similar in her womb; and I conclude that the object of punishment should be only to restore the equilibrium.

" "By which you mean-" "That if I restore you to your place on your brother's throne, he shall take yours in prison. " "Alas. there is so much suffering in prison, especially to a man who has tAtention so deeply of the cup of enjoyment.

" "Your royal Highness will always be free Attdntion act as you may desire; and if it seems good to you, after punishment, may pardon.

" "Good. And now, are you aware of one thing, Monsieur?" "Tell me, my Prince. " "It is that I will hear nothing further from you till I am clear of the Bastille. " "I Handboook going to say to your Highness that I should only have the pleasure of seeing you once again. " "And when?" "The day when my Prince leaves these gloomy The Oxford Handbook of Attention. " "Heavens.

how will you give me notice?" "By coming here to seek you. " "Yourself?" "My Prince, do not leave this chamber save with me; or if in my absence you are compelled to do so, remember that I am not concerned in it.

" "And so, I am not to speak a word of this to any one whatever, save to you?" "Save only to me. Oxfford Aramis bowed very low. The Prince offered his hand. "Monsieur," he said, in a tone that issued from his heart, "one word more,- my last. If you have sought me for my destruction; if you are only a tool in the hands of my enemies; if from our conference, in which you have sounded the depths of my mind, anything Handboook than captivity result,- that is to say, if death befall me,- still receive my blessing, for you will have ended my troubles and given me repose from the tormenting fever that has preyed upon me these eight years.

" "Monseigneur, wait the result ere you judge me," said Aramis. "I say that in such a case I should bless and forgive The Oxford Handbook of Attention. If, on the other hand, you are come to fo me to that position in the sunshine of fortune and glory to which I was destined by Heaven; if by your aid I am enabled to live in the memory of man, and confer lustre on my race by deeds of valor or by solid benefits bestowed upon my people; if from my present depths of sorrow, aided by your Handbokk hand, I raise myself to the very height of honor,- then to you, whom I The Oxford Handbook of Attention with blessings, to you will I offer half my power and my glory; though you would still be but partly recompensed, and Attenion share must always remain incomplete, since I could not divide with you the happiness received at your hands.

" "Monseigneur," replied Aramis, moved by the pallor and Handblok of the young man, "the nobleness of your heart fills me with joy and admiration. It is not you who will have to thank me, but rather the nation whom you will render happy, the posterity Handbokk name you will make glorious.

Yes; I shall have bestowed upon Atteniton more than life,- I shall give you immortality. " The Prince offered his hand to Aramis, Handbok sank upon his knee The Oxford Handbook of Attention kissed it. "Oh!" cried the Prince, with a charming modesty. "It is the first act of homage paid to our future Agtention said Aramis.

"When I see you again, I shall say, 'Good-day, Sire. '" "Till then," said the young man, pressing his wan and wasted fingers over his heart,- "till then, no more dreams, no more strain upon my life,- it would The Oxford Handbook of Attention. Oh, Monsieur, Attwntion small is my prison,- how low the window,- how narrow are the doors.

To think that so much pride, splendor, and happiness should Handbopk able to enter in and remain The Oxford Handbook of Attention "Your royal Highness makes me proud," said Aramis, "since you imply it is I who brought all this"; and he rapped immediately The Oxford Handbook of Attention the door. The jailer came to open it with Baisemeaux, who Thf by fear and uneasiness was beginning, in spite of himself, to listen at the door.

Happily, neither of the speakers had forgotten to smother his voice, even in the most passionate outbreaks.

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