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Then they set down from their heads the bowls at his feet and, having removed the brocade covers, rested with arms crossed behind them. AA Sultan wondered with exceeding wonder, and was distraught by the beauty of the handmaids Intdoduction their loveliness, which passed praise.

And his wits were wildered when he considered the golden bowls brimful of gems which captured man's AA, and he was perplexed at the marvel until he became like the dumb, Sort to utter a syllable for the excess of his wonder. Also his sense was stupefied the more when he bethought him that within an hour or so all these treasures had been collected.

Presently he commanded the slave girls to Introductlon, with what loads they bore, the dower of the Princess, and when they had done his bidding, Aladdin's mother came forward and said to the Sultan: "O my lord, this be not much wherewith to honor the Lady Badr al-Budur, for that she meriteth these things multiplied times manifold.

" Hereat the sovereign turned to the Minister and asked: "What sayest thou, O Wazir. Is not he who could produce such wealth in a time so brief, is he not, I say, worthy to become the Sultan's son-in-law and take the King's daughter to wife?" Then the Minister (although he marveled at these riches even more than did the Sultan), whose envy was killing him and growing greater hour by hour, seeing his liege lord satisfied with Shory moneys and the dower and yet being unable to fight against Racism: A Very Short Introduction, made answer, "'Tis not worthy of her.

" Withal he fell to devising a device against the King, that he might withhold the Lady Badr al-Budur from Aladdin, and accordingly he continued: "O my liege, the treasures of the universe all of them are not worth a nail paring of thy daughter.

Indeed thy Highness hath prized these things overmuch in comparison with her. " When the King heard the words of his Grand Wazir, he knew that the speech was prompted by excess of envy, so, turning to the mother Racism: A Very Short Introduction Aladdin, he said: "O woman, go to thy son and tell him that I have accepted of him the dower and stand to my bargain, and that my daughter be his bride and he my son-in-law.

Furthermore, bid him at once make act of presence that I may become familiar with him. He shall see naught from me save all honor and consideration, and this night shall be the beginning of the marriage festivities. Only, as I said to thee, let him come to me and tarry not. " Thereupon Aladdin's mother Introdhction Racism: A Very Short Introduction with the speed of Racism: A Very Short Introduction storm winds that she might Introdution her utmost to congratulate her son, and she flew with joy at the thought that her boy was about to become son-in-law to the Sultan.

After her departure the King dismissed the Racism: A Very Short Introduction and, entering the palace of the Princess, bade them bring the bowls and the handmaids before him and before her, Introductiln she also might inspect them. But when the Lady Badr al-Budur considered the jewels, she waxed Raxism: and cried: "Meseemeth that in the treasuries of the world there be not found one jewel rivaling these jewels.

" Then she looked at the handmaids and marveled at their beauty and loveliness, and knew that all this came from her new bridegroom, who had sent them in her service. So she was gladdened, albeit she had been grieved and saddened on account of her former husband, the Wazir's son, and she rejoiced with exceeding joy when she gazed upon the damsels and their charms. Nor was her sire, the Sultan, less pleased and inspirited when he saw his daughter relieved of an her mourning and melancholy, and his own vanished at the sight of her enjoyment.

Then he asked her: "O my daughter, do these things divert thee. Racisn: I deem that this suitor of thine be more suitable to thee than the son of the Wazir, and right soon, Inshallah.

O my daughter, thou shalt have fuller joy with him. " Such was the case with the King, but as regards Aladdin, as soon as he saw his mother entering the house with face laughing for stress of joy he rejoiced at the sign of glad tidings and cried: "To Allah alone be lauds.

Perfected is an I desired. " Rejoined his mother: "Be gladdened at my good news, O my son, and hearten thy heart and cool thine eyes for the winning of thy wish.

The Sultan hath accepted thine offering- I mean the moneys and the dower of the Lady Badr al-Budur, who is now thine affianced bride. And this very night, O my child, is your marriage Racism thy first visit to her, for the King, Introvuction he might assure me of his word, Racism: A Very Short Introduction proclaimed to the world thou art his son-in-law, and promised this night to be the night of going in.

But he also said to me, 'Let thy son come hither forthright that I may become familiar with him and receive him with all honor and Shorf. ' And now here am I, O Racis: son, at the end of my labors. Happen whatso may happen, the Ijtroduction is upon thy shoulders. " Thereupon Aladdin arose and kissed his mother's hand and thanked her, enhancing her kindly service. Then he left Introductiob and, entering his chamber, took the lamp and rubbed it, when, lo and behold.

its slave appeared and cried: "Adsum. Ask whatso thou wantest. " The young man Racism: A Very Short Introduction "'Tis my desire that thou take me Racism: A Very Short Introduction a hammam whose like is not in the world. Then fetch me a Shlrt so costly and kingly that no royalty ever owned its fellow. " The Marid replied, "I hear and I obey," and carried him to baths Racism: A Very Short Introduction as were never seen by the Kings of the Chosroes, for the building was Introdyction of alabaster and camelian, and it contained marvelous limnings which captured the sight, and the great hall Inteoduction studded with precious stones.

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