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Overview: First Time Analogies

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" began Prince Andrew, who had for long been waiting an opportunity to express his doubts. Kutuzov here woke up, coughed heavily, and looked round at the generals. "Gentlemen, the dispositions for tomorrow- or First Time Analogies for today, for it is past midnight- cannot now be altered," said he.

"You have heard them, and we shall all do our duty. But before a battle, there is nothing more important. " he paused, "than to have a good sleep. " He moved as if to rise. The generals bowed and retired. It was past midnight. Prince Andrew went out. The council of war, at which Prince Andrew had not been able to express his opinion as he had hoped to, left on him a vague and uneasy impression.

Whether Dolgorukov and Weyrother, or Kutuzov, Langeron, and the others who did not approve of the plan of attack, were right- he did not know. "But was it really not possible for Kutuzov to state his First Time Analogies plainly to the Emperor. Is it possible that on account of court and personal considerations tens of thousands of lives, First Time Analogies my life, my life," he thought, "must be risked?" "Yes, it is very likely that I shall be killed tomorrow," he thought.

And suddenly, at this thought of death, a whole series of most distant, most intimate, memories rose in his imagination: he remembered his last parting from his father and his wife; he remembered the days when he first loved her. He thought of her pregnancy and felt sorry for her and for himself, and in a nervously emotional and softened mood he went out of the hut in which First Time Analogies was billeted with Nesvitski and began to walk up and down before it.

The night was foggy and through the fog the moonlight gleamed mysteriously. "Yes, tomorrow, tomorrow!" he thought. "Tomorrow everything may be over for me. All these memories will First Time Analogies no more, none of them will have any meaning for me.

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