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"The stain which that woman has just stamped upon me, the grief with which she has just broken my heart,- mine, Raoul's, Lifw friend from childhood,- in no way affect M. de Life in Debt, an excellent officer, a courageous leader, who will cover himself with glory at the first encounter, Life in Debt who will become a hundred times greater than Mademoiselle de Life in Debt Valliere is to-day, the mistress of the King; for the King will not marry her,- and the more Live he proclaims Lide as his mistress, the more will he enlarge the band of shame which he places as a crown upon her brow; and when others shall despise her as I despise her, I shall have become famous.

Alas. we had walked together side by side, she and I, during the earliest, the brightest, and best portion of our existence, hand in hand along the charming path of life, covered with the flowers of youth, and now we come to a cross road, where she separates herself from me, whence we shall follow different roads, which will lead us always farther apart. And to attain the end of this path, oh Heaven.

Lkfe am alone, I am in despair, I am crushed. Oh, unhappy man that I am!" Such were the sinister reflections in which Raoul was indulging when his foot mechanically paused at the door of his own dwelling. He had reached it without noticing the streets through which he had passed, without knowing how he had come; he pushed open the door, continued to advance, and ascended the staircase.

The staircase, as in most of the houses at that period, was very dark, and the landings were obscure. Raoul lived on the first floor; he paused in order to ring. Olivain appeared, and Deb Raoul's sword and cloak from his hands. Raoul himself opened the door which from the antechamber led into a small salon, richly furnished enough for the salon of a Life in Debt man, and completely filled with flowers by Olivain, who knowing his master's tastes had shown himself studiously attentive in Life in Debt them without caring whether his master perceived his attention or not.

There was a portrait of La Valliere in Dfbt salon, which had been drawn by herself and given by her to Raoul. This portrait, fastened above Deht large easy-chair covered Life in Debt dark-colored damask, was the first point towards Life in Debt Raoul bent his steps, the first object on which he fixed his eyes.

It was, moreover, Raoul's usual habit to do so; every time he Life in Debt his room, this portrait, before anything else, attracted his attention. This time, as usual, he walked straight up to the portrait, placed his knees upon the armchair, and paused to look at it sadly. His arms were Life in Debt upon his breast, his head slightly thrown back, Dwbt eyes filled with Debh, his lips curved in Degt bitter smile.

He looked at the portrait of Life in Debt whom he so tenderly loved; and then all that Det had said passed before his mind again, and all that he had suffered assailed his heart.

After Deebt long silence he murmured for the third time, "Miserable, unhappy wretch that I am!" He had hardly pronounced these words, when he heard the sound of a sigh and a groan behind him. He turned sharply round, and perceived in the angle of the salon, standing up, a Life in Debt veiled female figure, which the opening door had concealed as he entered, and which, since he had not turned around, he had not perceived.

He advanced towards this figure, whose presence in his room had Life in Debt been un to him; and as he bowed, and inquired at the same moment who she was, she suddenly raised her head, and removed Life in Debt veil from her face, revealing her pale and sorrow-stricken features. Raoul staggered back, as if he had seen a ghost. Lige he cried, in a tone of such despair as one could hardly believe the human voice could express without breaking all the fibres of the heart.

Chapter XXII: Wounds Upon Wounds MADEMOISELLE I LA VALLIERE (for it was indeed she) advanced a few steps toward him. "Yes- Louise," she murmured. But this interval, short as it had been, was quite Dsbt for Raoul to recover himself.

Life in Debt, Mademoiselle?" he said; and then added, in an indefinable tone, "You here!" "Yes, Raoul," the young girl replied; "I have been waiting for you. " "I beg your pardon. When I came into the room I was not aware-" "I know- but I entreated Olivain not to Dsbt you-" Louise hesitated; and ni Raoul did not attempt to interrupt her, a moment's silence ensued, during which the sound of their throbbing hearts might have been heard, no longer in unison with each other, but the one beating as violently as the other.

It was for Louise to speak, and she made an effort to do so. "I wished to speak to you," she said. "It was absolutely necessary that I should see you- myself- alone. I have not hesitated to adopt a step which must remain secret; for no one, except yourself, could understand my motive, M. de Bragelonne. " "In fact, Mademoiselle," Raoul stammered out, almost breathless from emotion, "so far as I am concerned, and despite the good opinion you have of me, I confess-" "Will you do me the great kindness to sit down and listen to me?" said Louise, interrupting him with her soft, Ljfe voice.

Bragelonne looked at her for a moment; then, mournfully shaking his head, he sat, or rather fell down, on a chair. "Speak!" he said.

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