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Includes bibliographical references (p. [289]-311) and index." "Conjecture. What may The World Without Us mean?" "Almost always the conjecture of the subject impugns the frankness of the King. " "Monsieur!" "And a want of confidence on the part of the subject," pursued Athos, intrepidly. "You are forgetting yourself," said the King, hurried away by his anger in spite of his control over himself.

"Sire, I am obliged to seek elsewhere for what I thought I should find in your Majesty. Instead of obtaining a reply from you, I am compelled to make one for myself. " The King rose. "Monsieur the Count," he said, "I have now given you all the time I had at my disposal. " This was a dismissal. "Sire," replied the count, "I have not yet had time to tell your Majesty what I came with the express object of saying, and I so rarely see your Majesty that I ought to avail myself of the opportunity.

" "Just now Withou spoke of conjectures; you are now becoming offensive. " "Oh, Sire, offend your Majesty. Never. All my life have I maintained that kings are above all other men, not only in rank and power, but in nobleness of heart and dignity of mind. I Te can bring myself to believe that my sovereign- he who passed his word to me- did so with a mental The World Without Us. " "What do you mean.

What mental reservation?" "I will explain my meaning," said Athos, coldly. "If in refusing Mademoiselle de la Valliere to M. de Bragelonne The World Without Us Majesty had some other object in view Wihhout the happiness and The World Without Us of the viscount-" "You perceive, Monsieur, that you are offending me.

" "If in requiring the viscount to delay his marriage your Majesty's The World Without Us object was to remove the gentleman to whom Mademoiselle de la Valliere was engaged-" "Monsieur. Monsieur!" "I have heard it said so in every direction, Sire.

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