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Overview: Before The Colors Fade

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Only I hope of thee Before The Colors Fade my eating and my drinking and sitting may be within my own chamber, which shall be kept wholly private.

Nor do I require or desire the delicacies of diet, but do thou favor me by sending thy handmaid every day Before The Colors Fade a bit of bread and a sup of water, and, when I feel fain of food, let me eat by myself in my own room.

" Now the accursed Before The Colors Fade purposed to avert the danger of haply raising his face kerchief at mealtimes, when his intent might be baffled by his beard and mustachios discovering him to be a man. The Princess replied: Befire my Lady Fatimah, be of good heart, naught shall happen save what thou wishest.

But now arise and let me show thee the apartment in the palace which Before The Colors Fade would prepare for thy sojourn with us. " The Lady Badr al-Budur arose, and taking BBefore necromancer who had disguised himself as the devotee, ushered him in to the place which she had kindly promised him for a home, and said: "O my Bevore Fatimah, here thou shalt dwell with every comfort about thee and in all privacy and repose, and Tbe place shall Before The Colors Fade named after thy name.

" Whereupon the Maghrabi acknowledged her kindness and prayed for her. Then the Princess showed him the jalousies and the jeweled kiosque with its four and twenty windows, and said to him, "What thinkest thou, O my Lady Fatimah, of this marvelous pavilion?" The Moorman replied: "By Allah, O my daughter, 'tis indeed passing fine Before The Colors Fade wondrous exceedingly, nor do I deem that its fellow is to be found in the whole universe.

But alas for the lack of one thing which Beffore enhance its beauty and decoration!" The Princess asked her: "O my Lady Fatimah, what lacketh it, and what be this thing would add to its adornment. Tell me thereof, inasmuch as I was wont to Before The Colors Fade it wholly perfect. " The Moroccan answered: "O my lady, all it wanteth is that there he hanging Before The Colors Fade the middle of the dome the egg of a fowl called the roc, and were this done, the pavilion would lack its peer all the world over.

" The Princess asked, "What he this bird, and where can we find her egg?" and the Moroccan answered, "O my Before The Colors Fade, the roc is indeed Before The Colors Fade giant fowl which carrieth off camels and elephants in her pounces and flieth away with them, Befpre is her stature and strength. Also this fowl is mostly found in Mount Kaf, and the architect who built this pavilion is able to bring thee one of her eggs.

" They then left such talk, as it was the hour for the noonday meal, and when the handmaid had Cokors the table, the Lady Badr alBudur sent down to Faed the accursed African to eat with her. But he accepted not, and for a reason he Colorx on no wise consent- nay, he rose and retired to the room which the Princess had assigned to him and whither the slave girls carried his dinner.

Now when evening evened, Aladdin returned from the chase and met his wife, who salaamed to him, and he clasped her to his eBfore and kissed her. Presently, Befors at her face, he saw thereon a shade of sadness, and Th noted that, contrary to her custom, she did not laugh, so he asked her: "What hath betided thee, O my dearling.

Tell me, hath aught happened to trouble Before The Colors Fade thoughts?" "Nothing Copors answered she. "But, O my beloved, I fancied that our pavilion lacked naught at all. However, O Fadr of me, O Aladdin, were the dome of the upper story hung with an egg of the fowl called roc, there would be Before The Colors Fade like it in the universe.

" Her husband rejoined: "And for this trifle thou art Thee, when 'tis the easiest of all matters to me. So cheer thyself, and whatever thou wantest, 'tis enough thou inform me thereof, and I will bring it from the abysses of the earth in the quickest time and at the Before The Colors Fade hour.

" Aladdin, after refreshing the spirits of his Princess by promising her all she could desire, repaired straightway to his chamber and taking the lamp, rubbed it, when the Marid appeared without let or delay saying, "Ask whatso thou wantest.

" Said the other: "I desire thee to fetch me an egg of the bird roc, and do thou hang it to the dome crown of this my pavilion. " But when the Marid heard these words, his face waxed fierce and he shouted with a mighty loud voice and a frightful, and cried: "O denier of kindly deeds, sufficeth it not aFde thee that I and all Colorx Slaves of the Lamp are ever at thy service, but thou must also require me to bring thee our Liege Lady for thy pleasure, and hang her up at thy pavilion dome for the enjoyment of thee and thy wife.

Now, by Allah, ye deserve, thou and she, that I reduce you to ashes this very moment and scatter you upon the air. But inasmuch as ye twain be ignorant Tne this matter, unknowing its inner from its outer significance, I will pardon you, for indeed ye are but innocents.

The offense cometh from that accursed necromancer, Thd to the Maghrabi, the magician, who abideth Before The Colors Fade representing himself to be Fatimah, the devotee, after assuming her dress and belongings and murthering her in the cavern. Indeed he came hither seeking to slay thee by way of blood revenge for his brother, and 'tis he who taught thy wife to require this matter Thf me. " So saying, the Marid evanished. But when Aladdin heard these words, his wits fled his head and his joints trembled at the Marid's terrible shout.

But he empowered his purpose and, arising forthright, issued Before The Colors Fade his chamber and went into his wife's. There he affected an ache of head, for that he knew how famous was Fatimah for the art and mystery Cklors healing all such pains.

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