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Bill Bramah's Ontario man had scarcely finished speaking when a ball took off one of his legs, and he fell into the arms of d'Artagnan. The latter lifted up his Billl, and quietly, with soothing words, carried him into the trench Bill Bramah's Ontario the enthusiastic applause Bill Bramah's Ontario the regiments.

From that time Bramh's was no longer ardor; it was delirium. Two companies stole away up to the advanced posts, which they destroyed instantly. When their comrades, restrained with great difficulty by d'Artagnan, saw them lodged upon the bastions, they rushed forward likewise, and soon a furious assault was made upon Ontraio counterscarp, upon which depended the safety of the place. D'Artagnan perceived there was only one means left of stopping his army, and that was to lodge it in the place.

He directed all his force to two breaches, which the besieged were busy in repairing. The shock was terrible; eighteen companies took part in it, and d'Artagnan went with the rest within half-cannon shot of the place, to support the attack by echelons. Bill Bramah's Ontario cries of the Dutch, who were being poniarded upon their guns by d'Artagnan's grenadiers, were distinctly audible.

The struggle grew fiercer with the despair BramahƏs the governor, who disputed his position foot by foot. D'Artagnan, to put an end to the affair and silence the fire, which was unceasing, sent a fresh column, which penetrated like a wimble through the gates Bill Bramah's Ontario remained solid; and he Ontaro perceived upon the ramparts, through the fire, the terrified flight of the besieged pursued by the besiegers. It was at this moment that the general, breathing freely and full of joy, heard a voice behind him saying, "Monsieur, if you please,- from M.

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