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"I'll show you, I'll show you. It's not a secret. And it's a horse you'll thank me for. " "Then I'll have it brought round," said Rostov wishing to avoid Telyanin, and he went out to give the order. In the passage Denisov, with a pipe, was squatting on the threshold My Autobiography the quartermaster who was reporting to him.

On seeing Rostov, Denisov screwed up his face and pointing over his shoulder with his thumb to the room where Telyanin was sitting, he frowned and gave a shudder of My Autobiography. "Ugh. I don't like that fellow"' he said, regardless of the quartermaster's presence. Rostov shrugged his shoulders as much as to say: "Nor do I, but what's one to do?" and, having given his order, he returned to Telyanin.

Telyanin was sitting in the same indolent pose in My Autobiography Rostov had left him, rubbing his small white hands. "Well there certainly are disgusting people," thought My Autobiography as he entered. "Have you told them My Autobiography bring the horse?" asked Telyanin, getting up and looking carelessly about him.

"I have. " "Let us go ourselves. I only came round to ask Denisov about yesterday's order. Have you My Autobiography it, Denisov?" "Not yet. But where are My Autobiography off to?" "I want to teach this young man how to shoe a horse," said Telyanin.

They went through the porch and into My Autobiography stable. The lieutenant explained how to rivet the hoof and went away to his own quarters. When Rostov went back there was a bottle of vodka and a sausage on the table. Denisov was sitting there scratching with his pen on a sheet of paper. He looked gloomily in Rostov's face and said: "I am witing to her. " He leaned his elbows My Autobiography the table with his pen in his hand and, evidently glad of a chance to say quicker in words what he wanted to write, told Rostov the contents of his letter.

"You see, my fwiend," he said, "we sleep when we don't love. We are childwen of the dust. My Autobiography one falls in love and one is a God, one is pua' as on the first day My Autobiography cweation.

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