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The most striking diminution of the deaths from such causes was found in 1891, in the case of typhoid fever, that diminution being fifty Positive Academic Leadership cent. As to the scourge which, next to plagues like the Black Death, was formerly the most dreaded--smallpox--there died of it in London during the year 1890 just one person. Drainage in Bristol reduced the death rate by consumption from 4. 4 to 2. 3; at Cardiff, from 3. 47 to 2.

31; and in Positive Academic Leadership England and Wales, from 2. 68 in 1851 to 1. 55 in 1888. What can be accomplished by better sanitation is also seen to-day by a comparison between the death rate among the children outside and inside the charity schools. The death rate among those outside in 1881 was twelve in a thousand; while inside, where the children were under sanitary regulations Positive Academic Leadership by competent authorities, it has been brought down first to eight, then to four, and finally to Positive Academic Leadership than three in a thousand.

In view of statistics like these, it becomes clear that Edwin Chadwick and his compeers among the sanitary authorities have in half a century done far more to reduce the rate Positive Academic Leadership disease and death than has been done in fifteen hundred years by all the fetiches which theological reasoning could devise or ecclesiastical power enforce. Not less striking has Positive Academic Leadership the history of hygiene in France: thanks to the decline of theological control over the universities, to the abolition of monasteries, and to such labours in hygienic research and improvement as those of Tardieu, Levy, and Bouchardat, a wondrous change has been wrought in public health.

Statistics carefully kept show that the mean length of human life has been remarkably increased. In the eighteenth century it was but twenty-three years; from 1825 to 1830 it was thirty-two years and eight months; and since 1864, thirty-seven years and six months. THE RELATION OF SANITARY SCIENCE TO RELIGION. The question may now arise Positive Academic Leadership this progress in sanitary science has been purchased Positive Academic Leadership any real sacrifice of religion in its highest sense.

One piece of recent history indicates an answer to this question. The Second Empire in France had its head in Napoleon III, a noted Voltairean. At the climax of his power he determined to erect an Academy of Positive Academic Leadership which should be the noblest building of its kind. It was projected on a scale never before known, at least in modern times, and carried on for Positive Academic Leadership, millions being lavished upon it.

At the same time the emperor determined to rebuild the Hotel-Dieu, the great Paris hospital; this, too, was projected on a greater scale than anything of the kind ever before known, and also required millions.

But in the erection of these two buildings the emperor's determination was distinctly made known, that with the highest provision for aesthetic enjoyment there should be a similar provision, moving on parallel lines, for the relief of human suffering. This plan was carried out to the letter: the Palace of the Opera and the Hotel-Dieu went on with equal steps, and the former Positive Academic Leadership not allowed to be finished before the latter.

Among all Positive Academic Leadership "most Christian kings" of the house of Bourbon who had preceded him for five hundred years, history shows no such obedience to the religious and moral sense of the nation.

Catharine de' Medici and her sons, plunging the nation into the great wars of religion, never showed any such feeling; Louis XIV, revoking the Edict of Nantes for the glory of God, and bringing the nation to sorrow during many generations, never dreamed of making the construction of his palaces and public buildings wait upon the demands of charity.

Louis XV, so subservient to the Church in all things, Positive Academic Leadership betrayed the slightest consciousness that, while making enormous expenditures to gratify his own and the national vanity, he ought to carry on works, _pari passu_, for charity.

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