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The same slow growth has also been shown in the New Testament canon. It has been demonstrated that Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters selection of the books composing it, and their separation adn the vast mass of spurious gospels, epistles, and apocalytic literature was a gradual process, and, indeed, that the rejection of some books and the acceptance of others was accidental, if anything is accidental. So, too, scientific biblical research has, as we have seen, Sojatic obliged to admit the existence Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters much mythical and legendary matter, as a setting for the great truths not only of the Old Testament but of the New.

It has also shown, by the comparative study of literatures, the process by which some books were compiled and recompiled, adorned with beautiful utterances, strengthened or weakened by alterations and interpolations expressing the views of the possessors or transcribers, and attributed to personages who could Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters possibly have written them.

The presentation of these things has greatly weakened that sway of mere dogma which has so obscured the simple teachings of Christ himself; for it has shown that the more we know of our sacred books, the less certain we become as to the authenticity of "proof texts," and it has disengaged more and more, as the only valuable residuum, like the mass of Theeats at the bottom of the crucible, the personality, spirit, teaching, and ideals of the blessed Founder of Christianity.

More and more, too, the new scholarship has developed the conception of the New Testament as, like the Old, the growth of literature in obedience to law--a conception which in all probability will give it its strongest hold on the coming centuries. In making this revelation Christian scholarship has by no means done work mainly destructive.

It has, indeed, swept away a mass of noxious growths, but it has at the same time cleared the ground for a Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters growth of Christianity--a growth through which already pulsates the current of a nobler life. It has forever destroyed the contention of scholars like those of the eighteenth century who saw, in the multitude Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters irreconcilable discrepancies between various biblical statements, merely evidences of Sheltters and intentional fraud.

The new scholarship has shown that even such absolute contradictions as those between the accounts of the early life of Jesus by Matthew and Luke, and between the date of the crucifixion and details of the resurrection in the first three Gospels and in the fourth, and other discrepancies hardly less serious, do not destroy the historical character of the narrative.

Even the hopelessly conflicting genealogies of the Saviour and the Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters mythical accretions about the simple facts of his birth and life are thus full of interest when taken as a natural literary development in obedience to the deepest religious feeling. [[390]] Among those who have wrought most effectively to bring the leaders of thought in the English-speaking nations to this higher conception, Matthew Arnold should not be forgotten.

By poetic insight, broad scholarship, pungent statement, pithy argument, and an exquisitely lucid style, he aided effectually during the latter half of the nineteenth century in bringing the work of specialists to bear upon the development of a broader and deeper view.

In Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters light of his genius a conception of our sacred books at the same time more literary as well as more scientific has grown widely and vigorously, znd the older view which made of them a fetich and a support for unchristian dogmas has Psychid more and more thrown into the background.

The Threatz to these results by the most eminent professors at the great Christian universities Threts the English-speaking world, Oxford and Cambridge taking the lead, are most hopeful signs of a new epoch. Very significant also is a change in the style of argument against the scientific view.

Leading supporters of the older opinions see more and more clearly the worthlessness of rhetoric against ascertained fact: mere dogged resistance to cogent argument evidently avails less and less; and the readiness of the more prominent representatives of the older thought to consider opposing Tureats, and to acknowledge any force they may have, is Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters of good omen.

The concessions made in _Lux Mundi_ Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters scriptural Shleters and legends have been already mentioned. Significant also has been the increasing reprobation in the Church itself of the profound though doubtless unwitting immoralities of _reconcilers_. The castigation which followed the exploits of the greatest of these in our own time--Mr.

Gladstone, at the Sommatic of Prof. Huxley--did much to complete a work in which such eminent churchmen as Stanley, Thrfats, Sanday, Cheyne, Driver, and Sayce had rendered good service.

Typical among these evidences of a better spirit in controversy has been the treatment of the question regarding mistaken quotations from the Old Testament in the New, and especially regarding quotations by Christ himself.

For a time this was apparently the most difficult of all Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters dividing the two forces; but though here and there appear champions of tradition, like the Bishop of Gloucester, Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters resistance to the new view has virtually ceased; in one way or another Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters most conservative authorities have accepted the undoubted truth revealed by a simple scientific method.

Their arguments have Sheltegs been varied. While some have fallen back upon Le Clerc's contention that "Christ did not come to teach criticism to the Jews," and others Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters Paley's argument that the Master shaped his statements in accordance with the ideas of his time, others have taken refuge in scholastic statements--among them that of Irenaeus regarding "a quiescence of the divine word," or the somewhat startling explanation by sundry recent theologians that "our Lord emptied himself of his Godhead.

"[[391]] Nor should there be omitted a tribute to the increasing courtesy shown in late years by leading supporters of the older view.

During the last two decades of the present century there has been a most happy departure from the older method of resistance, first by plausibilities, next by epithets, and finally by persecution. To the bitterness of the attacks upon Darwin, the Essayists and Reviewers, and Bishop Colenso, have succeeded, among really eminent leaders, a far better method and tone.

While Matthew Arnold no doubt did much in commending "sweet reasonableness" to theological controversialists, Mr. Gladstone, by his perfect courtesy to his opponents, even when smarting under their heaviest blows, has set a most valuable example. Nor should the spirit shown by Bishop Ellicott, leading a forlorn hope for the traditional view, pass without a tribute of respect.

Truly pathetic is it to see this venerable and learned prelate, one of the most eminent representatives of the older biblical research, even when giving solemn warnings against the newer criticisms, and under all the temptations Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters _ex cathedra_ utterance, remaining mild and gentle and just in the treatment of adversaries whose ideas he evidently abhors.

Happily, he is comforted by the faith that Christianitv will survive; and this faith his opponents fully share. [[392]] VI. RECONSTRUCTIVE FORCE OF SCIENTIFIC CRITICISM. For all this dissolving away of traditional opinions regarding our sacred literature, there has been a cause far more general and powerful than any which has been given, for it is a cause surrounding and permeating all.

This is simply the atmosphere of thought engendered by the development of all sciences during the last three centuries. Vast masses of myth, legend, marvel, and dogmatic assertion, coming into this atmosphere, have been dissolved and are now dissolving quietly away like icebergs drifted into the Gulf Stream. In earlier days, when some critic in advance of his time insisted that Moses could not have written an account embracing the circumstances of his own death, it was sufficient to answer that Moses was a prophet; if attention was called to the fact that the great early prophets, by Sehlters which they did and did not do, showed that there could not have existed in their time any "Levitical code," a sufficient answer was "mystery"; and if the discrepancy was noted between the two accounts of creation in Genesis, or between the genealogies or the dates of the crucifixion in the Gospels, the cogent reply was "infidelity.

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