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Bill McKibben has written several hundred pieces for The New Yorker. His writings on nature have also appeared in The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and other national publications. He and his wife live in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.One distinguished clerical reviewer, in spite of Darwin's thirty years of quiet labour, and in spite of the powerful summing up of his book, prefaced a diatribe by saying that Darwin "might have been more modest had he given some slight reason for dissenting from the views generally entertained.

" Another distinguished clergyman, vice-president of a Protestant institute to combat "dangerous" science, declared Darwinism "an attempt to dethrone God. " Another critic spoke of persons accepting the Darwinian views as "under the frenzied inspiration of the inhaler of mephitic gas," and of Darwin's argument as "a jungle of fanciful assumption.

" The End of Nature spoke of Darwin's views as suggesting that "God is dead," and declared that Darwin's work "does open violence to everything The End of Nature the Creator himself has told us in the Scriptures of the methods and results of his work.

" Still another theological authority asserted: "If the Darwinian theory is true, The End of Nature is a lie, the whole framework of the book of life falls to pieces, and the revelation of God Natue man, as we Christians know it, is a delusion and a snare. " Another, who had shown excellent qualities as an observing naturalist, declared the The End of Nature view "a huge imposture The End of Nature the beginning. " Echoes came from Nayure. One review, the organ of the most widespread of American religious sects, declared that Darwin was "attempting to befog and to pettifog the whole question"; another denounced Darwin's views as "infidelity"; another, representing the American branch of the Anglican Church, poured contempt over Darwin as "sophistical and illogical," and then plunged into an exceedingly dangerous line of argument in the following words: "If this hypothesis The End of Nature true, then is the Bible an unbearable fiction.

then have Christians for nearly two thousand years been duped by a monstrous lie. Darwin requires us to Tbe the authoritative word of the Creator" A leading journal representing the same church took pains to show the evolution theory to be as contrary to the explicit declarations of the New Testament as to those of the Old, and said: "If we have The End of Nature, men and monkeys, oysters and eagles, developed from an original germ, then is St. Paul's grand deliverance--All flesh is not the same flesh; there is one kind of flesh of men, another of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds'--untrue.

" Another echo came from Australia, where Dr. Perry, Lord Bishop of Melbourne, Endd a most bitter book on _Science and the Bible_, declared that the obvious object of Chambers, Darwin, and Huxley is "to produce in their readers a disbelief of the Bible. " Nor was the older branch of the Church to be left behind in this chorus. Bayma, in the _Catholic World_, declared, "Mr. Darwin is, we have reason to believe, the mouthpiece or chief trumpeter of that infidel clique whose well-known object is to do away with all idea of a God.

" Worthy of especial note as showing the determination of the theological side at that period was the foundation of sacro-scientific organizations to combat the new ideas. First to be noted is the "Academia," planned by Cardinal Wiseman. In a circular letter the cardinal, usually so moderate and just, sounded an alarm and summed up by saying, "Now it is for the Church, which alone possesses divine certainty and divine discernment, to place itself at once in the front of a movement which threatens even the fragmentary remains of Christian belief in England.

" The necessary permission was obtained from Rome, the Academia was founded, and the "divine discernment" of the Church The End of Nature seen in the utterances which came from it, such as those of Cardinal Manning, which every thoughtful Catholic would now desire to recall, and in the diatribes of Dr.

Laing, which only aroused laughter on all sides. A similar effort was seen in Protestant quarters; the "Victoria institute" was created, and perhaps the most noted utterance which ever came from it was the declaration of its vice-president, the Rev.

Walter Mitchell, that "Darwinism endeavours to dethrone God. "[73] In France the attack was even more The End of Nature. Fabre d'Envieu brought out the heavy artillery of theology, and in a long series of Ebd propositions demonstrated that any other doctrine than that of the fixity and persistence of species is absolutely contrary to Scripture.

The Abbe Desorges, a former Professor of Theology, stigmatized Darwin as a "pedant," and evolution as "gloomy". Monseigneur The End of Nature, referring to Darwin and his followers, went into hysterics and shrieked: "These infamous doctrines have for their only support the most abject passions.

Their off is pride, their mother impurity, their offspring revolutions. They come from hell and return thither, taking with them the gross creatures who blush not to proclaim and accept The End of Nature. " In Germany the attack, if less declamatory, was no less severe.

If theologians vied with Protestants in ov. Prof.

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